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The Microbiome, Pregnancy, and Children

We already know how important the gut is to the health and functioning of the body.  (Find my article A Healthy Gut in 4 Steps: This Week In Paleo here) But did you know that the gut doesn't just determine the health of our digestion or immune system but even the...

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Is weight loss harder the older you get?

Does it get harder to lose weight the older you get? For many women who have already reached this point in their lives, the answer is an obvious YES. Yet the question still remains of why this is the case, and if it is absolutely necessary. What is the science behind...

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Fruit Is Life: Snacks for Any Occasion

I love fruit and I love chips. There's no mystery there. But I also love convenience, especially when I'm out on the town or on a great hike.  And mangos don't always fit in my purse! How do those things go together?  Easy:  freeze dried fruit. It's delicious, it's...

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Think it’s impossible to lose weight

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It’s not.

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