Regular readers of this blog and my books may have an inkling that I am a proponent of self-love.

An inkling. 

Or something.

Just kidding. Have you read Sexy by Nature?? I do almost nothing on the internet other than teach people how to love themselves.

Today I bring this discussion to you in a 30-minute how to video, replete with my ten favorite tips. (Which are related to, but different from, the “10 Reasons to Love your Body” Youtube video I’ve got floating around the paleosphere.)

In this new class I share struggles and triumphs of my own life, what I loved so much about therapy, and how to stand up for yourself in the face of all that’s trying to keep you down.

The talk is located over at the Entheos Academy for Optimal Living (which I adore).


Click here to jump to the site and view!

Here’s part of the list of the ten ideas I propose:

  1. Surround Yourself with the Love You Deserve

    (Before you improve your brain and heart, optimize your environment for success.)

  2. Deconstruct

    (Before you can build a shiny monument, you’ve got to knock down the crumbly, decayed pillars.)

  3. Appreciate

    (Chances are infinitely good that no matter how many failures you perceive in your body, the things it does right vastly outnumber the wrong.)

  4. Lessen Your Attachment to Your Looks

    (Wherein Stefani tells you you are awesome for many reasons and you need a healthy body in order to be so.  Here are my thoughts on women’s health and how to lose weight healthfully if you’d like to.)

  5. Set Realistic Expectations

    (Perfect just ain’t real.)

  6. Get Embodied

    (Practice being in harmony with your body by doing awesome things like dancing.)

  7. Fight

    (Get fierce! Say no to norms and yes to love.)


…and more.  (I’m simply not sharing all of them and in full because there may be copyright issues involved?)

Read the full list of self-love tips and explanations, watch a trailer of the video, and watch the complete 30 minute video at the Entheos Academy for Optimal Living here.  And while you’re at it, check out Sexy By Nature for more of my thoughts on how you are the most awesome!


Like so! (Or something)


While we’re at it, I may as well tell you about what a stellar, life-changing business the Academy for Optimal Living is. (At least in my experience.) It’s basically like Netflix for your brain and your soul. You sign up (there’s a good-length free trial)-and receive access to hundreds of classes on topics ranging from the proper interpretation of Nietzsche to how to fuel your body as a triathlete. Their tagline is “optimize your life. change the world.” Awesome, I know, and I am so honored and grateful to be considered a “Professor” (alongside people like Abel James and JJ Virgin) and a “thought leader in the field of women’s health” by these giants of wisdom, and even happier to be able to take their classes.




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