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Monthly Archives: "August 2012"

Food (& Love!) Hack Friday: Your brain...

Aug 31, 201210 Comments3252 Views

Shares 0Today’s food and love hack is about what’s going on in your brain.  Who’s in there, what’s talking to you, and how do you

Female fat and fat deposition: subcutaneous...

Aug 29, 201243 Comments39553 Views

Shares 0I have been receiving a fair number of e-mails and messages about the Gender Differences in Fat Deposition post over at Mark Sisson’s site.

birth control pills by stefani ruper

Birth Control Pills: How They Work, Benefit...

Aug 29, 201256 Comments39277 Views

Shares 0Today we are going to kick off the Kick Ass Birth Control series by talking about America’s most popular method: the pill. The thing

DivaCup 3

Prelude to the Birth Control Series: The Di...

Aug 23, 201272 Comments11127 Views

Shares 0Starting this upcoming week, Paleo for Women is going to be embarking on Birth Control Week!  Which will likely in fact last more than


Live. Love. Eat. Episode Six with Stacy of ...

Aug 22, 20125 Comments2052 Views

Shares 0Episode Six of Live. Love. Eat. has now been posted.  The powerful and wise mother behind  the website Paleo Parents and the book Eat Like


Podcast on the Fat-Burning Man Show with Pa...

Aug 17, 201212 Comments3556 Views

Shares 0This week I was enormously honored to be the guest on Abel James’s show, Fat Burning Man: Real Food, Real Results. I first met


Food (& Love) Hack Friday: Love Your W...

Aug 17, 20126 Comments1796 Views

Shares 0Today’s Food & Love Hack is about decreasing the amount of negativity swimming around in our brains by embracing and loving it. The Hack:


Logo Design and T-shirt Giveaway!

Aug 14, 20127 Comments1528 Views

Shares 0Friends!  Our moment has arrived.  We are about to embark on T-shirt giveaways.  We are practically Oprah.  This is so cool. The lovely people


Food (& Love!) Hack Friday: Stepping B...

Aug 10, 201221 Comments3559 Views

Shares 0FRIENDS.  Life is amazing.  I am currently attending AHS, and it’s rocking my world.  More re: that later, I think. But this I would never put

Introducing: Food (& Love) Hack Friday...

Aug 03, 201213 Comments2217 Views

Shares 0A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post: Binge/Restrict: the Most Common Pattern of Overeating, and How to Stop (with Love!).  My intention