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Monthly Archives: "September 2012"


Food (& Love!) Hack Friday: Overcoming...

Sep 28, 201221 Comments2132 Views

Delivering on last Food &Love Hack Friday’s promise, this week I direct our discussion of fear into a discussion of one specific and powerful manifestation:


The Birth Control Series IV: The Implant, T...

Sep 19, 201214 Comments8208 Views

Welcome back to the Birth Control Series! In our last few posts we’ve discussed the pill; today we’re moving on to other hormonal methods. Click here to


Answering questions on weight loss on the P...

Sep 17, 201210 Comments3704 Views

Last week I joined Stacy and Sarah in a discussion on weight loss on episode six of their lovely podcast, The Paleo View. In it,

high five

Paleo Living Giveaway winners!

Sep 17, 20122 Comments1107 Views

The Paleo Living giveaway winners have now been randomly chosen!  My friend Jonathan, who picked the winning numbers out of thin air, would like for

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Food (&Love!) Hack Friday: Fear is the...

Sep 14, 201211 Comments1588 Views

“Fear is the mind killer” is a famous quote from the novel Dune.   It goes on to say: “Fear is the little-death that brings

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Episode eight of Live. Love. Eat. is up!

Sep 12, 20121 Comment1450 Views

Episode eight of Live. Love. Eat. has now been posted!  In it I had the enormous honor of speaking with PfW community member Becky Bateson.


Paleo Living giveaway, forthcoming T shirts...

Sep 10, 20122 Comments1423 Views

Happy Monday! I am even more happy to announce several exciting things. First, and most importantly, the Paleo Living Online Magazine App giveaway is still

Stefani 5

Food (&Love!) Hack Friday: DANCE

Sep 07, 201215 Comments1331 Views

In the most recent Food & Love Hack Fridays, we have been talking a lot about deep, abstract notions.    How much does fear rule


The Birth Control Series Part III: Which Bi...

Sep 05, 20127 Comments3926 Views

Today we continue with our series on birth control by identifying and classifying the variety of pills available to women. There are nearly 60 varieties of birth


Paleo Living Subscription Giveaway and Dona...

Sep 04, 20123 Comments1373 Views

Two very exciting things today!! First, I am giving away ONE 1 year free subscription and TWO 3 month free subscriptions to the Paleo Living Magazine App Paleo

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