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Monthly Archives: "October 2012"

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Halloween update: T shirt giveaway, George&...

Oct 31, 20123 Comments2116 Views

So many lovely things going on this week! First, I am doing a giveaway, partnered with Cyndi Grasman of Bad Pickle T Shirts (for the

Delaying infertility and menopause: how can...

Oct 29, 201233 Comments24720 Views

Menopause is inevitable.  It happens to every person near 50 years of age, and nothing we do short of serious medical intervention will ever stop

Food &Love Hack Friday: Get Indignant

Oct 26, 20126 Comments11521 Views

Anger is destructive.  It’s hurtful, and it’s isolating, and it’s nasty feeling.  It breaks up relationships, poisons politics and salts the Earth.    But it


The murky waters of weight status: can you ...

Oct 25, 20121 Comment1463 Views

Matt and Stacy, the two authors over at Paleo Parents and of several books (here, here, and here), have graciously invited me to write a


Live. Love. Eat. Episode Nine with Civilize...

Oct 24, 20129 Comments5080 Views

Episode eight of Live. Love. Eat. has now been posted!  In it I had the enormous honor of speaking with George Bryant, an enormously kick

On the fertility awareness method, getting ...

Oct 22, 201232 Comments19543 Views

Writing about birth control these past few months, I’ve covered a wide variety of options.  The thing is, however, that nearly every one of them


Podcast @ Jimmy Moore’s Low Carb Conv...

Oct 21, 2012No Comments1592 Views

Check it out!  In the podcast, we talk not just about Brad’s chiropractry and my work on PCOS Unlocked, but also why Americans are so


Food &Love Hack Friday: Apologize when...

Oct 19, 20128 Comments4111 Views

Today’s Food &Love Hack centers around the notion that much of our problem in loving ourselves lies in apologizing for who we are. The Hack:


It’s my birthday: bask in love!

Oct 18, 201210 Comments1355 Views

Birthdays are — in my life — days for gratitude and love. Please know that today on my birthday I am thinking of you, and this community,


Announcing PCOS Unlocked: The Manual: The F...

Oct 17, 201215 Comments2758 Views

Today is the day!  PCOS Unlocked: The Manual is available.  I could not possibly be more excited.  This is important information, and I’ve finally got it in

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