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Monthly Archives: "December 2012"

Paleo for Women in 2012: Kicking Ass in Fou...

Dec 31, 20121 Comment2922 Views

Amidst all of the rabid recapping going on on this blog this month (forthcoming), the most important may be on the evolution of this blog

Stefani on phytoestrogens

Flax, marijuana, hops, and 44 other phytoes...

Dec 19, 201276 Comments56886 Views

Phytoestrogens are a topic of hot debate in the medical literature.  To eat, or not to eat?  To cure cancer, or to beget it?  As

ask stefani with question mark arial black

Ask Stefani: PCOS Edition, and Cyber Monday...

Dec 17, 20126 Comments2038 Views

Due to a lovely letter and set of questions I received from a reader last week, I have decided to respond to a set of


Interview with Dr. Brad Fackrell on my stor...

Dec 10, 2012No Comments1323 Views

Now up is an interview I recorded with the lovely and thoughtful chiropractor Dr Brad Fackrell. In it, we discuss the perils of calorie restriction,

eat for happiness by stefani

Food &Love Hack Friday!: Forget Norms,...

Dec 07, 20125 Comments1674 Views

Today’s Food &Love Hack is all about listening to yourself.  It may seem obvious, but isn’t really, and might need a bit of clarifying and

Photographs and longevity: can one snapshot...

Dec 05, 20129 Comments2646 Views

Obviously, when we’re talking about how long we are ever going to live, the “diet hypothesis” holds.   Poor food choices make us ill, and

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