July 4th is almost here and that means fun, sun, and family (for anyone who lives in the US).  It’s a holiday for most of us and it’s usually spent outdoors either swimming at the lake, beach, river or pool, camping, grilling, and/or watching fireworks!

The fourth of July is a lot of fun.  For many of us it represents not just pride in our country but a day to truly ring in summer.

It’s one of my favorite holidays.  Hot, sexy, fun, what’s not to love??

So here’s 3 tips to make sure it stays that way!


Don’t be silly.  Just because we eat paleo and love to get outside in the sun for 30 direct minutes per day does NOT mean we’re immune to it’s wrath.

And sunburn can and does cause real damage, not just to the appearance of skin but also increases the risk of skin cancers.

Enjoy the sun, but once you start feeling warm and red, find some shade.

If shade isn’t an option, the next best thing is to cover up and use some healthy sun block.

You’re typical grocery store sunscreen is chock full of disgusting ingredients that only mask the outside damage that sun is doing to the body.  

Instead, I like to go old school with good old zinc oxide.

Put some on the parts of your body no longer covered and you’ll be golden (or white if you don’t get the tan version!)

But hey, you’ll look like one of those cute vintage sunblock ads so it’s all good right?

Badger is my favorite sunblock.  It comes in original white and a bronzed looking version to blend better with skintones.  You do you.  Find the white version here.  The tan version here.  

#2 Bring your own food

The 4th of July tends to have several healthy options like grilled meat and veggie kabobs but maybe not an ideal set of sides and desserts.

The solution?

Make your own and bring it!  You’ll be a great guest and you’ll be sure to have something delicious to dig in to.  

I like to make simple trifles out of layers of coconut cream (this is my favorite BPA free) and pineapple, blueberries, and raspberries.  It’s festive and fits the red white and blue theme too!

For more ideas of meals, the amazing Julie at Paleomg has created her own list of great 4th of July meals and desserts.  I highly approve.  Find them here


You need it.  I need it.  We all need it.

Holidays are built in time from our society overlords to unplug, disconnect, and get back to our inner lives.

If at all possible, I suggest leaving your phone switched off and not checking social media, email, or any other time stealer.

Simply enjoy your life and your friends and family.

Try taking up an engaging book!  I’ve been really getting into The Stranger in the Woods (find it here) lately, a true story about a hermit in Maine.  His story will make you reexamine your own priorities and could probably be finished in one long day by the water.  

And hey, you could always take a look at my book Sexy by Nature ;).  Just sayin’!

Hope you enjoyed these tips for a fantastic 4th.  I think they’re useful any time of summer when you’ve got some space and time to get away from it all.

Let me know how you plan to enjoy the day!


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