I recently tested a full line of paleo hair care from Morrocco Method. I was pretty hesitant about taking this on; I haven’t had luck with any of the natural hair care methods (don’t even get me started on the NO ‘POO movement).

I was pretty pleasantly surprised with Morrocco Method’s product. It didn’t leave my hair greasy or stringy like most natural products and it also didn’t overly dry my hair.

So when I was approached by Morrocco Method to give their styling gel a try, I decided to do it.

I know what you’re thinking! Hair gel was a disaster movement of the 90’s, loved by prepubescent boys and girls with hair that always looked wet.

I STAND CORRECTED. This is not the hair gel of the past. This stuff is multifaceted and can be used not only as a styling agent but as :

  • Sunburn relief
  • To soften cuticles before a mani or a pedi
  • Combine with water in a spray bottle to replace chemical hairspray
  • Provides itch relief caused by bug bites and mild skin irritation

While being multifaceted, it also isn’t full of crap. I can have beautifully styled hair without feeling like I dumped chemicals all over my head! This is a paleo, gluten-free and vegan product. The styling gel also has this primal, earthy smell to it which I love.

The gel actually left beachy waves in my hair, which is pretty unheard of even for the chemical filled products. And the waves weren’t crunchy at all. It should probably be noted that I have finer hair, but a lot of it.

So how to use it?

You can apply to wet or dry hair. I found that applying to wet hair and then letting my hair air dry resulted in the best beachy waves. When I applied while dry it offered more hold, but it seemed to work best when I was styling my hair as straight.

So maybe you’re on the fence about trying hair gel. With its history, I don’t blame you! I think if you are curious about trying a styling gel, then this is absolutely the one. It probably won’t be an everyday type of product for me, but it definitely is great for days and nights when you need a stronger hold.

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