Today I want to share a fantastic new treat with you, Biena Snacks!

If you are an avid follower on the podcast, you know I have been working through finishing my dissertation, amongst other things. Which I LOVE continuing my education, especially at Oxford. However, working towards a PhD can leave little time for much else.

Much like all of our lives, we are working through to-do lists trying to determine and assign priorities. Do I spend my small amount of free time with my loved ones, sleeping, dancing? I most definitely don’t want to spend it cooking, meal prepping, or thinking about what I am going to eat next.

I have been all about convenience when it comes to my snacks lately. That’s where Biena Snacks come in. Biena Snacks are lightly roasted chickpeas formulated to maintain their nutrient content and still remain delicious. I don’t eat chickpeas often, as they can be disruptive to my gut and gut flora, but on occasion these can be a delicious treat.

You may be asking, “are chickpeas paleo?” And my answer is, does it really matter? If chickpeas work in your diet, than go for it! Chris Kresser released an awesome blog post about whether or not chickpeas or legumes in general are paleo, check it out here. You make the call 🙂


So what’s up with these snacks? They are high in fiber and protein on top of being delicious. I have tried to roast my own chickpeas in the past and they usually come out soggy or overly cooked (Anyone with a decent roasted chickpea recipe, send it my way!) Biena Snacks are great because they literally have a flavor for everyone. My fave is the honey roasted- which is more of a treat than a snack. The honey roasted doesn’t have an overpowering honey taste, but this flavor does have cane sugar, which is why I typically only consume as a treat.

Other flavors include roasted sea salt, cinnamon crunch, and more. Check out all the flavs over here.

Most of their snacks are gluten-free and vegan too. The company is very transparent regarding their ingredients; all can be seen on their website.

Another bonus bit about Biena Snacks is that the company was founded by a woman, Poorvi Patodia. So if you are looking for a new snack option that’s convenient and delicious, check out Biena Snacks. PfW followers get 20% off with this code: paleo4women. Check out their website here

Happy Friday y’all!



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