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How to Use Summer to Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals

Usually, when we think of weight loss, we think of work. We picture dumbbells, ellipticals, squat racks. But - as most of our community knows - I am my most happiest when I am not slaving away at the gym everyday. It isn’t fun and it feels like work. To top it off, it...

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What the location of your breakouts really means

Our body uses its own particular language to communicate problems to us. This may be in the form of an ache, pain, or of all things, a pimple. Our body is literally trying to talk to us to tell us something is not  aligning with our physiology, and we need to learn...

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Sneaky Causes of Summer Breakouts

Here I am, thinking about how only a few months ago I had my winter skin regime down to a science. I had found the perfect combination of skin products to use and when to use them. Then, summer comes along and reminds me that our skin is a living changing organ and...

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What You Need to Know Before Trying CBD

The first time I heard about CBD was while I was watching a documentary about treating children with severe ailments including seizure disorders like epilepsy. The parents of these children were seeking any and all options to aid in the treatment of their illnesses;...

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The New Tea Technology I Can Get Behind

So I had no idea you could get tea in powder form, other than the well known matcha tea. Apparently this is the future though and you can get anything in powdered form, including high quality tea. My most recent experience with powdered tea was trying Pique Tea...

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My “No BS” opinion on why I tried Beautycounter

Beautycounter is getting a lot of exposure in the paleosphere these days. I am not immune to that exposure (despite my attempts to veer away from social media). I really thought it was gimmicky and annoying how often people post about it- if I wanted to try it, it...

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The Best Kabob Recipes Ever

I don’t have a grill, but believe me -  wish I did. I usually make friends with those that have grills so I can partake in summer patio parties with all things summer, grilled pineapple, pool floaties, and all the kabobs. Kabobs are the best because pretty often...

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