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3 Ways a Functional Nutritionist Can Help You

Have you been using Dr. Google for a while now?  Do you find yourself reading tons of health blogs (like this one!) but still having lingering symptoms?  Are you confused about what is healthy and right for YOU? Don't worry!  That's normal! For many of us, the path...

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It’s You, On FIRE.

Have you lived most of your life as a career dieter? Do you struggle with body image issues? Feel you don't measure up to societal standards? Are there lots of things you JUST WON'T DO because of how you feel about your body? Here's a few examples:  wear a certain...

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7 Common Paleo Mistakes that Cause Acne

One of the most common complaints I get on social media is "I went paleo and my acne got worse!!" I hear you, sister. That happened to me, too. The thing about acne is that it's almost impossible to just follow some "diet" (such as paleo) and clear your skin. Your...

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Weight Loss Myths and Scams

*Rant warning* I feel like I've been bombarded lately with questions about fad diets.  They've always been around, but they just don't seem to go away. It just seems shiny and new to try a "new" diet instead of sticking to the fundamental principles of a healthy one....

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Find Your Perfect Makeup Shade

Ever tried natural makeup? The worst part of finding ANY makeup is finding the right shade.  The worst part of natural makeup is probably a tie between finding the right shade and finding something that doesn't come off with the slightest amount of sweat or touching. ...

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Reclaim Your Power Over Food

I see too many women in my life constantly battling with food and their weight. Is that you? If it is, I want to talk to you! I want to talk to those of you who are constantly searching for the perfect diet, and constantly falling off the perfect diet. Are you...

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Paleo Hair Care at its Best: The 5 Elements Series

Taking care of my beautiful hair is one of the great pleasures of my life. But I'll be honest, conventional shampoo has been my crutch for a long time.   Dang it, I don't like oily hair and I've never been able to go the requisite 4-8 weeks with it in order to...

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