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Looking For a New Fave Snack?

Today I want to share a fantastic new treat with you, Biena Snacks! If you are an avid follower on the podcast, you know I have been working through finishing my dissertation, amongst other things. Which I LOVE continuing my education, especially at Oxford. However,...

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The Secret Behind Why Nature Makes Us Feel So Good

We have covered in recent blog posts how seasonal change can affect our vitamin D levels causing negative symptoms like depression, or Seasonal Affective Disorder (check out the post, here) This is one way that nature can have an impact on our physiological being. I...

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5 Quick Paleo Vegetarian Ways to Get Protein

Don’t let this title fool you. I have in no way become a “Pagan” or “paleo Vegan/vegetarian”. It is pretty well known that I source a majority of my nutrient needs through offal, like liver. I recognize that not everyone can eat meat or meat products, whether a moral...

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7 Ways to Improve Your Bowel Movements

When I first went paleo my body definitely went through an interesting adjustment period.  As I incorporated healthy fats and fiber of all kinds into my diet, I thought I would have absolutely no issues with something like my bowel movement regularity. Now, I know...

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Surviving the Flu 2018: Starter Kit

Today I am writing from the confines of my cozy apartment, wrapped in a blanket, where I haven’t really moved much in the past week. I recently got hit with what I have dubbed so appropriately as the“hammer flu”. Since focusing on a more paleo, whole food nutritional...

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How Thirsty Is Your Hair?

This week I wanted to highlight an amazing new product from Morocco Method. I have been using their other products pretty regularly and recently they sent me this product called “Euro Oil”. This oil is basically  supposed to give your hair life & body. I have...

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5 of My Fave Heart Warming Teas

I know this may come as a surprise, but I have only recently started integrating tea into my daily life. I would honestly forget about tea whenever I purchased it or had some in the pantry. I had received multiple tea samplers throughout my life but it wouldn’t cross...

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What No One Told You About Your Period

I was talking to a friend the other day about carb cycling for women, specifically regarding the luteal phase and the best workouts to do while in the luteal phase versus the remainder of the month. She asked me to elaborate, as this was something she had never heard...

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6 Paleo Ways to Purify Your Space

I have been thinking about how we emphasize diet above all when it comes to health. We often forget the other underlying items that can affect our well-being. Like our environments! Something like 90% of our lives is spent inside. Which is pretty sad when you think...

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