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6 Paleo Ways to Purify Your Space

I have been thinking about how we emphasize diet above all when it comes to health. We often forget the other underlying items that can affect our well-being. Like our environments! Something like 90% of our lives is spent inside. Which is pretty sad when you think...

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Top 5 Ways to Combat Seasonal Affective Disorder

Post-Holiday Blues? After vacations and the generalized chaos of the holidays, it’s easy to feel a little down returning back to regularly scheduled life. Sometimes, these feelings last for periods after the holidays though, and can impact your life in more serious...

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Putting New Years Resolutions to Rest

When 2017 started, I dug my toes in and braced myself for what I thought was going to be a ridiculously long, and frankly, challenging year. Being present in my life has allowed me to appreciate life in “real-time”, AKA the present moment. It is crazy to reflect back...

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5 Classic Paleo Recipes To Bring to Your Holiday Dinner

I enjoy the holidays so much more as I get older and learn how to listen to my body. In the years past, the holidays often meant restricting my food intake or following a very strict paleo diet; something that was challenging for me mentally, not to mention difficult...

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What You Need To Know About Adaptogenic Herbs

What are Adaptogenic Herbs? If you have an autoimmune condition, struggle with healing symptoms outside of the standard pharmaceutical realms, or you are interested in keeping symptoms of adrenal fatigue at bay then you’ve probably heard of adaptogenic herbs....

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Paleo for Women Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Surprise - It's the holiday season! If you’re like me, you probably put off holiday shopping until last minute. Every year I use Black Friday as a benchmark; if I haven’t started holiday shopping by then, I am probably in hot water. But time and time again, LIFE...

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Why Styling Gel is Back and Better Than Ever

I recently tested a full line of paleo hair care from Morrocco Method. I was pretty hesitant about taking this on; I haven't had luck with any of the natural hair care methods (don’t even get me started on the NO ‘POO movement). I was pretty pleasantly surprised with...

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