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keratosis pilaris treatment by stefani

The Secret to Fast and Permanent Keratosis Pilaris Treatment

Jul 09, 201511 Comments5355 Views

Keratosis pilaris is a very common condition. By my best estimate, at least 15% of American teenagers and adults suffer from it.  Fortunately it doesn’t entail any significant health damage, but it can be a

The Paleo Women Podcast Episode 021

The Paleo Women Podcast #021: Reintroducing Grains, Natural Menstruation Care, & Healthy Ways to Gain Weight

Jul 07, 2015No Comments1101 Views

Hey hey! Welcome to episode 21 of TPW podcast!!! We get super personal in this podcast…. never before have thousands of people learned so many intimate things about my body. Which is awesome yayyyy.   Be sure to check back


This Week in Paleo: Paleo Bars

Jul 03, 201510 Comments2376 Views

Do you enjoy spending hours preparing elaborate meals? ME NEITHER. But sometimes, that’s what paleo feels like. I love that eating paleo gets me to slow down, enjoy my food, and spend more time relaxing with others


Hypothalamic Amenorrhea Symptoms and Causes

Jul 02, 20158 Comments2682 Views

There are many different problems that can cause women to stop menstruating. In rare cases amenorrhea comes from genetic defects and physical abnormalities. These cases usually require medical intervention. More commonly, women stop menstruating due

The Paleo Women Podcast Episode 020

The Paleo Women Podcast Episode #020: Transitioning to Eating Meat, Getting Past a Weight Loss Plateau, & Keratosis Pilaris

Jun 30, 2015No Comments989 Views

  Hey hey! Welcome to the momentous episode 20 of TPW podcast!!! It’s a fabulous podcst, replete with many cool things: 1) Noelle 2) Me 3) My new mic, which sounds gorgeous 4) A spontaneous


This Week In Paleo: All things Coconut

Jun 26, 20158 Comments2079 Views

Soooo, coconuts are the best. They are the most versatile drupes (or whatever) because they make so many delicious products that are healthy too! I’m a big fan of coconut because, unlike other “nuts” like

Folate vs Folic Acid by Stefani

Folate vs Folic Acid: How to Avoid a Dangerous Pregnancy

Jun 25, 20153 Comments4918 Views

Folate vs Folic Acid: Did you know that folic acid and folate are not the same thing? Folic acid and folate are in fact quite different. This is important information for everybody, but it is especially important

The Paleo Women Podcast Episode 019

The Paleo Women Podcast #019: Pregnancy Spacing, Sun Exposure and Acne, & Muscle Soreness Post-Workout

Jun 23, 20152 Comments957 Views

Hey ladies! Today is episode number 19! And I don’t even talk about sloths too much! At least for not more than like 6 minutes! Probably! Be sure to check back every Tuesday for a new

Thrive Market by Stefani

Thrive Market: This Week in Paleo

Jun 19, 2015No Comments1282 Views

Hi friends! If you’ve listened to The Paleo Women Podcast or read my blog for any length of time, you know that I do NOT like to cook. I’m usually too busy dancing or writing

paleo and weight loss plateaus by stefani

The Secret Behind Paleo and Weight Loss Plateaus

Jun 18, 20156 Comments7674 Views

The paleo diet is famous for being a great way to lose weight. The internet is full of miraculous success stories and inspiring Before and After photos. But what happens when you go paleo and… nothing

The Paleo Women Podcast Episode 18

The Paleo Women Podcast #018: Self-Acceptance, Body Image, and Movement with Tony Federico

Jun 16, 20154 Comments1001 Views

Hey ladies! Today is episode number 18, and it might be my favorite so far! Be sure to check back every Tuesday for a new episode, and head over to iTunes or Stitcher to subscribe! This week, Noelle and I


A Healthy Gut in 4 Steps: This Week In Paleo

Jun 12, 20153 Comments3478 Views

Hi friends!  I’m back again with another “This Week in Paleo”. In this post, we are talking about THE GUT. The gut has been an important topic in recent times in the paleo community, because

8 Signs You Need to Eat More Carbohydrate

8 Signs You Need to Eat More Carbohydrate

Jun 11, 201513 Comments13539 Views

Low-carbohydrate diets are super popular right now, especially among paleo dieters. This isn’t without reason. Low-carbohydrate diets can be therapeutic. They often help people with diabetes manage their blood sugar levels. People who suffer from certain types of cancer,

The Paleo Women Podcast Episode 17

The Paleo Women Podcast Episode #017: Body Image and Weight, Training with Your Menstrual Cycle, & Impactful Lifestyle Changes

Jun 09, 2015No Comments1058 Views

Hey ladies! Welcome to lucky podcast number 17! Be sure to check back every Tuesday for a new episode, and head over to iTunes or Stitcher to subscribe! This week, Noelle and I discuss body image and weight, how to adjust


This Week In Paleo: Kabana Green Screen

Jun 05, 20152 Comments2249 Views

YOU GUYS.  It’s SUMMER! I almost can’t believe it. I thought it would never happen. But it’s HERE! That means happiness and light and SUN. That’s why I want to start off my new series


The PCOS Diet

Jun 04, 201514 Comments8942 Views

Most women treat PCOS with medication. Usually they do so with birth control pills or with blood sugar regulating meds. However, neither of these options ever solve PCOS. Drugs may cover up symptoms of PCOS in

The Paleo Women Podcast Episode 16

The Paleo Women Podcast #016: Non-Paleo Family Members, Problematic Periods, & The Bulletproof Diet

Jun 02, 20153 Comments1255 Views

Hey ladies! Welcome to our fourth squared podcast (1 4 9 16), or two to the fourth (2^4), or four to the second (4^2). 16 is an amazing number full of 2’s and 4’s! Fortunately you do not have to listen

Hypothalamic Amenorrhea Treatment - Paleo for Women

Hypothalamic Amenorrhea Treatment: Everything You Need to Know

May 28, 201532 Comments5516 Views

Hypothalamic amenorrhea is the technical name for when the hypothalamus stops sending “go ahead and reproduce!” signals to the pituitary gland. This problem results in infertility, loss of the menstrual cycle, low libido, and many other disruptive symptoms. A staggering

The Paleo Women Podcast Episode 015 - Paleo for Women

The Paleo Women Podcast #015: Sprint Workouts, Unexpected Weight Gain, & FSH Levels

May 26, 20154 Comments1476 Views

Wassup wassup! Welcome to the ever fabulous 1-5! This week, Noelle and I chat about sprint workouts (and by “chat about” I mean “Noelle super geeks out about”), what to do about unexpected weight gain, and FSH

Bundle - Rectangle

The BEST Autoimmune Resource is Finally Here! And at 92% off!

May 20, 2015No Comments2270 Views

Hey ladies hey! Do I ever have some amazing news for you today or what.  Today I finally get to tell you about an amazing event we have going on this week – The Autoimmune Wellness

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