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New Science on Binge Eating: It’s Not Your Fault

One of the most common problems I encounter in my audience is binge eating. This is also one of the most common concerns Noelle and I field for our podcast. Everybody wants to know: How do I stop? I have written about overcoming binge eating at great length before. In...

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One Genious Way to Eat More Vegetables

Vegetables are, quite literally, life. Without enough of the vital nutrients and vitamins in these incredibly important plants, survival for humans in the modern world is very hard.  Thriving is even harder. Yet the vast majority of the those in the developed world,...

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How to Save Big on Paleo Food

It's been a while since Thrive Market started and they're still going strong. In fact, the last couple years has been a time of awesome growth in the world of health foods and they now offer so much more than they could at first! With paleo becoming more and more...

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3 Fabulous Fitness Products

I'll admit, fitness is not something I'm great at. Besides dancing, my ideal life includes a lot of laying down and eating mangoes. BUT.  Fitness is super important.  My friend Noelle is really the expert on all that jazz and if you're just getting started, I...

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The Best Paleo Makeup for Dry Skin

Recently, I was offered the chance to try a new skincare and makeup line featuring all-natural, clean ingredients and nothing more. I get offered these things from time to time and enjoy trying them because I'm always looking for something that can appeal to myself...

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3 Tips for a Spectacular Fourth

July 4th is almost here and that means fun, sun, and family (for anyone who lives in the US).  It's a holiday for most of us and it's usually spent outdoors either swimming at the lake, beach, river or pool, camping, grilling, and/or watching fireworks! The fourth of...

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3 Reasons to Try Apple Cider Vinegar

If you've been around the health world for any length of time, you've probably heard about apple cider vinegar. Once the darling of the pop-science community everywhere, it still has a strong and valuable allure for those following whole foods, paleo diets. Apple...

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Paleo Indian Spicy Grilled Fish

I'm a huge fan of Indian food.  I love the spice and bold flavors, and so much of authentic Indian food is paleo friendly making it easy to fit into my weekly routine. We've already shared this post for Chicken Tikka here.  And check out our other recipe for Beef...

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