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Hormones Category

Do You Have A Healthy Gut?

Is BPA causing you and your children gut da...

Mar 31, 2016No Comments1532 Views

Bisphenol A, or BPA, is a chemical estrogen widely used in the food-packaging industry. It is found in virtually all aluminum cans and plastic containers,


Why I now believe phytoestrogens may be goo...

Feb 25, 201615 Comments3820 Views

I write and talk about phytoestrogens on this blog a lot. Phytoestrogens are estrogen-like compounds that come from plants, and are found in particularly high

Female Hormones and Insomnia: One Thing You...

Dec 03, 201512 Comments8537 Views

Of all the things in the body that hormones affect, sleep is one of the most important. Without quality sleep, it is difficult to regulate appetite,

10 most common causes of low libido for women

The 10 Most Common Causes of Low Libido for...

Nov 19, 20154 Comments4170 Views

According to a 1999 Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) study, about 43 percent of women (compared to 31 percent of men) suffer sexual inadequacy for

myths of chia seeds

4 Dangerous Myths About Chia Seeds

Nov 05, 201522 Comments6865 Views

“Dangerous” may be a strong word – consuming chia seeds occasionally should be just fine – but I think the strong language I chose for

Is There Birth Control in your Drinking Wat...

Oct 29, 20151 Comment2139 Views

An estimated 12 million women in the United States are on some form of hormonal birth control. This is a huge number. It is such

Cystic Acne and Hormones: Everything You Ne...

Oct 01, 20152 Comments33508 Views

Contrary to popular belief, acne doesn’t go away once you turn 18. In fact, for many women, acne doesn’t even get started until their 20s,

Stefani Ruper

5 Things I Wish I Knew when I was Diagnosed...

Aug 06, 20151 Comment5629 Views

I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2009. At the time, everything I knew about PCOS came from the flimsy little pamphlet my doctor handed to


Hypothalamic Amenorrhea Symptoms and Causes

Jul 02, 201516 Comments7814 Views

There are many different problems that can cause women to stop menstruating. In rare cases amenorrhea comes from genetic defects and physical abnormalities. These cases


How to know if you have low testosterone

May 07, 201513 Comments19023 Views

The relationship between women and testosterone is poorly understood. Testosterone is commonly blamed for libido problems… but that’s all anyone ever really talks about. There

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