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Menopause and Hot Flashes: The Paleo Soluti...

Sep 17, 201510 Comments2496 Views

Menopause and hot flashes have a very unfortunately relationship: that is, nearly every woman going through menopause experiences hot flashes at some point. Many women


How to know if you have low testosterone

May 07, 201513 Comments16324 Views

The relationship between women and testosterone is poorly understood. Testosterone is commonly blamed for libido problems… but that’s all anyone ever really talks about. There


The Invisible Demographic: Important, Respe...

May 16, 20137 Comments5056 Views

  When I first started writing this blog, I did so because I perceived a dearth in both the medical and the popular literature on


If Reproduction is What Living’s All ...

Feb 25, 20134 Comments2635 Views

  The range of reproductive years across both human and primate populations is choc full of fascinating data.  What determines the range of reproductive years,


Delaying infertility and menopause: how can...

Oct 29, 201229 Comments18309 Views

Menopause is inevitable.  It happens to every person near 50 years of age, and nothing we do short of serious medical intervention will ever stop

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