Finally! A fitness plan that works for me

Finally! A fitness plan that works for me

Hey ladies hey!

I am writing today with more excitement than I have written a blog post in a long time.

This is because I have to share with you something that I thinkis incredibly important, and is also very close and dear to my heart.

It is this:

My most amazing friend, business partner, source of never-ending inspiration, and beloved fitness guru (“let me send you a video to show you proper form!”) Noelle Tarr is about to release a fitness program!

The reason this is so exciting to me is two fold:

1) Noelle is a powerful, talented, and inspiring woman. I am so proud of the work she’s done. I get all teary-eyed every time I think about it.

2)  One of the best things about Noelle is that she is thorough. She is smart. She cares deeply about quality. She is a freakishly freakish perfectionist. This might sometimes suck for her on a personal level (sorry Noelle!), but it means that she creates resources that work. I am excited partially because I am happy for her. But I am, even more so, excited because of how many lives she is about to change.

Noelle’s life in the fitness industry is both long and deep. She loves fitness with a passion that burns. She has been a dancer, an athlete, a runner, and a weightlifter. With so much experience (and with years worth of reading and research), she is now the queen of exercise that is safe, that is convenient, that is efficient, that feels good, and that makes you fit and strong.

So Noelle has a program. And it’s amazing. 

It’s called “Strong from Home” (check it out here) — and what it does is provide literally everything you need (once you purchase a kettlebell… that’s literally all you need) to have a kick ass fitness program right from your own home. This means, for one thing, that you can do the exercises on your own time. Morning, afternoon, or night. Sandwiched between your kids’ napping schedule. Whenever is best for you.

The exercises in Strong from Home are fast and they are efficient, so you literally only need 15 minutes to get effects some of your friends might get after a whole hour at the gym. They really get your heart pumping and feeling energetic and alive, and then you’re done, quick and with a vitalizing enerrgy.

This also means that you can choose the workouts that best suit your own needs. For example, you can tone the parts of the body you most want to focus on. You can also choose from a variety of different levels, from beginner to advanced, to suit your current fitness level.

Finally, this means that you can save a ton of money. Gym memberships are so expensive these days. Even at a YMCA or similarly budget-friendly facility, you could spend $80-$100 a month. At most gyms — and Crossfit boxes — you’re looking at $200 or more. This amounts to more than $2500 a year. Or, you could purchase a membership to Noelle’s program–which lasts forever, by the way–for just $137, and never pay a gym fee ever again.

Noelle’s program could save you $2400 in just one year. If you use it for two years, it could save you $4900! That’s about the price, by the way, of 7 round trip flights to London.

So let me tell you real quick what’s in the program. There’s lots – like I said, literally everything you need – so read all the way to the end, ok?

  1. No-Nonsense Instructional Guide – Everything you need to know about using the program and creating a framework that fits seamlessly into your life
  2. Complete Program Guide –4 done-for-you templates that map out a 12-week plan to easily follow based on your experience level
  3. Comprehensive Workout Library125+ workouts categorized by time, tools required, and type 
  4. Essential Motivational Guide – Clear and actionable steps for increasing your motivation and creating lasting habits, in case you struggle with that
  5. Go-To Exercise Visual Guide – Easy-to-follow photo examples of how to complete each exercise in the Workout Library
  6. Private Accountability Group – Private group exclusive to those following the Strong From Home program (Only in the Support + Premium Package)
  7. Day-to-Day Progress Tracker – Exactly what you need to track your workouts and progress as you implement the program (Only in the Support + Premium Package)
  8. Interactive Video Library – Exclusive membership site that contains step-by-step video tutorials for how to execute and modify each of the 75+ exercises listed in the Workout Library (Only in the Premium Package)


Want to see a sample video? You can here:





Get it here:

It is altogether likely that the program will never be 25% off again. This is an extraordinary discount and I personally wouldn’t wait to jump on it. Hell, I haven’t. I got it. Because it’s an incredible deal for literally the most comprehensive and best suited to me fitness program I’ve ever come across.

This is for me. I’m too busy for gyms. I’m too cheap for gyms. I want exercises that make me stronger, that support my balance when I dance, that help me bike faster, that keep me from getting winded, and that make my insulin levels nice and low and sensitive (so I can eat all the apples!).

Noelle has finally provided what I need to do just that.

So please, check it out! You can read all about it (and watch a sample video) here:

Let me know what you think! I would love to hear if you find Noelle as charming, delightful, and knowledgeable as I do. 🙂




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5 Must-Have Condiments for the Paleo Kitchen

5 Must-Have Condiments for the Paleo Kitchen

You’re a busy person, with a lot on your plate.

You’ve probably got work, or school, or kids, or all three!

And you’ve decided to eat home-cooked, wholesome food to help with your health.

Maybe you have hormonal conditions, or an autoimmune disease, maybe you want to lose weight, or clear up acne, or lower cholesterol.

No matter what the situation is that helped you decide to eat a paleo diet, the stresses of modern life effect us all.

I don’t care how much time I have on my hands.  I just do NOT want to make my own mayonnaise. 

Or ranch. 

Or ketchup. 

Or barbecue sauce. 

Whatever it is, I’ve basically got time to make my main dish and vegetable, and zero time to get fancy making condiments.

But condiments are what make food worth eating sometimes. 

I mean, a delicious ranch sauce on a chicken salad, or mayonnaise on a burger.

There’s nothing quite like it.

That’s why I’m so glad that things are changing.  It is now possible to buy great sauces and condiments online, in paleo form, made with healthy oils and ingredients, so I can sauce it up guilt-free. 

And out of the dozens of wonderful options out there, these are a few of the new favorites from Primal Kitchen I think you just gotta have in your pantry.

Primal Kitchen Mayo

This is the original, the best and the most important condiment I always keep on hand.
Store-bought mayo is made with the nastiest of the nasty ingredients- even the “olive oil” kind is usually loaded up with soybean oil or some other kind of Omega 6 rancid disaster oil.  

Mayo is eggs and fat at its core, so it’s also super strange that the store bought stuff seems to last practically forever.

And mayo is something I use in a LOT of dishes.

Primal kitchen makes theirs with delicious avocado oil.  I love the flavor MUCH more than mayo I’ve made at home with olive oil (which can come out bitter if you use EVOO), it has a definite traditional mayonnaise taste.

It’s super easy to get this stuff quickly thanks to the magic of Amazon.  Find avocado oil mayonnaise here.

Primal Kitchen Chipotle Mayo

What’s better than regular mayo?

Ummm…chipotle mayo!

This stuff is to-die-for good and makes Mexican dishes quick and easy.  It spices things up like nothing else and it’s also made from the same healthy avocado oil that the other Primal Kitchen Mayo is made from.

It’s a must-have condiment in my kitchen.  Find it here.

Primal Kitchen Ranch

When I first went paleo, I sometimes had the thought, “what is life without ranch?”

Memories of chicken nuggets, pizza, wings, and french fries dipped in the stuff swam through my head.

And, of course, it’s the best salad dressing!

But my ranch days were long behind me when I discovered Primal Kitchen’s ranch dressing. 

This was missing from paleo eating for TOO LONG and thank GOODNESS Primal Kitchen makes a healthy version. 

The options with ranch dressing are endless and not limited to lettuce covering.

I bake it in casseroles, slather it on meat, and just generally do everything short of drinking it out of the bottle.

Yum.  Find Primal Kitchen Ranch here. 

Primal Kitchen Greek

Like Greek dressing?

Me too.

And I missed it quite a bit.

I eat a LOT of salads on this paleo diet.  And olive oil/balsamic vinegar gets OLD. 

So the introduction of greek dressing back into my diet was a true variety maker!  

It’s delish!  Find it here.

Primal Kitchen Honey Mustard

Okay, so honey mustard isn’t the hardest thing in the world to make.

It’s just honey and mustard, right?

But the whole ratio thing is bothersome and having it in a bottle means its ready to go for meats and salads, quickly and easily. 

You can trust this honey mustard to be made from organic ingredients that taste delicious.

I’m a huge fan.  Find Primal Kitchen Honey Mustard on Amazon here. 

What are your go to condiments?  What do you choose to make and what do you choose to buy?


So, just as a heads up - some links above may be my affiliate links, which means I get a small commission if you click on it and make a purchase. Doing so is no additional cost to you, but helps me tremendously. Your support is SO greatly appreciated, so thank you in advance if you choose to do so. Check out my entire disclosure to know exactly how things work.

2016 Paleo Roundup

2016 Paleo Roundup

2016 is over and done, and if you’re reading this you’ve survived it.

Now that 2017 is here, it’s time to take a minute and reflect on where we’ve been.

About this time of year I also like to round up all the fun and exciting programs, products, and advances that have happened in the paleo community.

Every Friday we publish something new, and now I’m rounding them up for you.

Here’s all the best stuff to happen to paleo in 2016:

Supplements and Health

Whats new in paleo supplements and health products?  Lots!

For example, a whole new kind of protein that might just change the world.  And we found out how pumpkin can pack some nutritional power here.  Clarity on how the liver affects all your hormones.

We talked about the difference between prebiotics and probiotics, and how both are important for health.  Find out more here.

And we found out how to properly fuel our workouts here.  And then we talked a bit about the switch to walking here.

We found teas that help balance hormones, and a book that helps those with autoimmunity.

We learned to de-stress and sleep like a pro.  And we learned about the biggest and best changes to grass fed meat delivery in 2016 here


Some great beauty products came out in 2016, too.  Here’s a few we covered.

First, we found out about probiotic skincare here, something that just might change your face for good!

We learned tips for shiny, beautiful hair here

And we found the best deodorant for sensitive skin.

Recipes and Cookbooks

SO many great cookbooks and recipes came out in 2016.  Here’s just a few of the great ones we shared.

Caramelized Rustic Bacon and Fennel Salad

Salted Mexican Chocolate Clusters

Chicken Tikka

Beef Buffad 

Eggplant Lasagna 

Bacon Beef Liver Pate with Rosemary and Thyme

Home Fries and Sausage Skillet

Well Fed Weeknights

Tandoori Chicken

Raan (Leg of Lamb)

Snacks and Food

We reviewed some GREAT snack foods in 2016, too.  Here’s a few of our favorites.

We learned to make paleo pasta here!

We found all the BEST butters, here.  And all about some great bone broths here.

We learned all about making an awesome paleo tea party here.

We found out about how to do salt right here, and how to sneak in some great snack to the movies, here.  

We found the best paleo pumpkin spice stuff, too!

Self-Love and Discovery

This year some truly great programs came out.

My friend Kayla came out with her pioneering disordered eating recovery/discovery program, which you can learn about here.

We learned 5 lessons from Sloths here, and how to have a fantastic introvert night in here.  

We learned how journaling can help us let it all out, here, and Summer showed us how to Rock Our Bodies.

Last but not least, we found out all the confessions of a former fitness model, here

2016 was another year to live in a modern, vibrant world, a world that is finally beginning to awaken to the truth about food, health, and lifestyle.  And YOU were a part of the paleo movement.  All in all, I’d say that’s a pretty good thing!

Thanks for making 2016 great!


So, just as a heads up - some links above may be my affiliate links, which means I get a small commission if you click on it and make a purchase. Doing so is no additional cost to you, but helps me tremendously. Your support is SO greatly appreciated, so thank you in advance if you choose to do so. Check out my entire disclosure to know exactly how things work.

5 Paleo for Women Approved New Year’s Resolutions

5 Paleo for Women Approved New Year’s Resolutions

Woah, 2017. I can’t believe you are almost here!

At the writing of this blog post I’m pondering the making of new years resolutions.  Are they healthy?  Are they harmful?  Are they something in between?

I’ve gone back and forth, but concluded that, like them or not, new year’s resolutions are a part of our culture, exciting and important motivators that can give someone the push they need to make valuable and lasting changes. 

I’m not into crash dieting (or “diets” of any kind really) and I’m not into resolutions that end up making people feel worse about themselves when they fail to live up to unreasonable standards.

But health IS important, and focusing on feeling better and doing better in the new year is something admirable, after all.

So here’s my list of 5 Paleo for Women Approved New Years Resolutions!

#1 Cook More

Cooking is something I usually despise doing and avoid if I can help it.  But it gets old eating canned salmon all the time.

As the new year begins, take some time to plan a daily schedule.

If you’re a detailed list maker, you’ll love it and if you’re not, you might feel caged in, but sketching out your time might show you ways you can be more efficient and leave room for home cooked meals.

Try buying books with meal and shopping plans already inside for you.  Practical Paleo (find it here) is one of my favorites, because it contains meal plans for every possible variation of paleo.

There are other great books too.  Stick with ones that focus on easy recipes that can be made quickly like Well Fed Weeknights (find it here).  Or try books that utilize less dishes for easier cleanup like One Pot Paleo or Paleo Slow Cooker.

Cooking more will mean eating more veggies, one of the biggest indicators of a healthy lifestyle, and will cut down on the amount of rancid oil, sugar and Omega 6 you eat, making you feel healthier, improving skin and cardiovascular health, and probably helping you lose some weight.

#2 Lose Weight

Speaking of losing weight…

I might catch some flack here.  You see, I believe strongly in body positivity and the body positive movement.  That means I do hold firm to a belief in health at every size.

However, I also believe that weight loss can be a valuable goal for certain people. 

Excessive adipose tissue does produce inflammatory responses in the body and does contribute to a range of health issues.  And whether we like it or not, it IS something that we need to consider in our modern world of convenience foods and obesity related illness. 

If you’ve become out of sync with your body, feel you need to lose excessive body weight (and remember that doesn’t mean you need to be stick thin!) the only real difficulty is finding a way to do it gently, positively, and with as little guilt and shame as possible.

That’s where my weight loss program, Weight Loss Unlocked comes in.

It’s designed to help you lose weight efficiently but mindfully, learning to listen to the natural signals of your body, rather than the mean girl in your head. 

It can help you follow those New Years Resolutions without the fad dieting that normally goes with it.  I’d suggest pairing it with a great paleo cookbook with meal plans like the ones I mentioned above.

Find Weight Loss Unlocked Here

#3 Focus on Self-Love

While most people choose to lose weight at the beginning of the new year, it’s just as important to choose to love.

We often become our worst enemies and meanest critics, beating ourselves up and tearing ourselves down. 

Disordered eating, low self-confidence, so many things stem from not loving ourselves. 

To give and recieve love in the new year, we’ve got to start with healing our own hearts.

There are many, many people out there happy to help you do it.

To discover the sexy, confident woman you really are, try reading my book Sexy By Nature.

If you’ve strugged with disordered eating and are ready to take control of negative thinking, try my friend Kayla’s program Starting the Path to Recovery and Discovery here.  Try reading When Food is Love (find it here), a classic for any emotional eater.

If you’re shy, perhaps try pushing yourself to do something that sounds fun but makes you a bit nervous- go out dancing or join friends at a party. 

And if you’re always out to avoid being alone at home, perhaps try a night in of reflective thinking and journaling (Let it Out is a great resource) and sit with some of those emotions. 

You’ll gain self-awareness and balance which we all could use in the new year!

#4  Breathe More

Breathing is something we do far too often without really thinking about it.

Most of us don’t even use the full capacity of our lungs, but only a tiny portion of them. 

And breathe, just like food, is so important to life itself, and quality of life. 

Improper breathing can do damage to the body just as poor food choices can.

Proper breathing, taking deep, long breaths, and long, smooth exhalations, can also be a form of meditation that has been shown to reduce stress, calm the nervous system and relax the mind. 

It’s an imperative especially for those with anxiety, and may help anyone with stress-flaring conditions like Irritable Bowel Syndrome, autoimmune conditions, and more. 

With the new year, I’m vowing to remember to breathe in positivity and breathe out negativity.  I hope you’ll do the same.

#5 Let Go

And as I work to breathe out negativity, I’m going to be trying my best to let go of anger, expectations, and arbitrary standards I place on myself and others. 

2016 was a hard year for many and it’s easy to pick out the bad things that happened and let them stew and boil within us.

We can focus on that negativity, that anger, and let it fester. 

Or we can consciously make the choice to let it go. 

I don’t have a 3 step program to help you do that (though I’m sure one probably exists!) but I think we should try it nonetheless.

Let’s focus our hearts and minds on the good in 2017 and work for peace, justice, and positivity in the new year.

I will.  I hope you will too. 

What are your new year’s resolutions?


So, just as a heads up - some links above may be my affiliate links, which means I get a small commission if you click on it and make a purchase. Doing so is no additional cost to you, but helps me tremendously. Your support is SO greatly appreciated, so thank you in advance if you choose to do so. Check out my entire disclosure to know exactly how things work.

Exciting Changes to Grass Fed Meat Just in Time for the New Year

Exciting Changes to Grass Fed Meat Just in Time for the New Year

Grass fed meat is an important part of the paleo lifestyle and many of us make a big effort to eat as much of it as we possibly can.

But grass fed meat is not always easy to come by, nor is it easy to afford.

Enter Butcher Box.

SO many of my readers have now become big fans and loyal subscribers to Butcher Box’s pioneering subscription-style meat delivery service.

They make grass fed affordable and simple and can do boxes in beef, pork, and chicken.

But over time I’ve heard from some of you with some minor beefs (pun intended).

You guys were really excited about the idea but wished there was a bit more meat in each box.

You also wished they would use less plastic packaging so that you didn’t feel like a blight on the environment.

I heard you!

Butcher Box did too!

So they’ve made some great changes to their boxes the meet your needs!

Boxes now come with only biodegradable packaging and instead of a Styrofoam box to keep things cool, meat is packaged in a large reusable tote bag! (It’s really cute btw and great for picnics!)

Boxes also now come with an average of a WHOLE POUND of meat more per box for the same price!

Possibly best of all, there is now a pork and chicken ONLY box option if you’re just not feelin’ beef that month!

Butcherbox delivers right to your door, so its a great option for those of you who live far away from an available source of grass fed meat.

And the variety of cuts is awesome!

I’ve tried some great new cuts with this service and my readers who use Butcherbox love the included recipes.

A box of meat or even a subscription would make an AMAZING gift for anyone trying to go paleo in the new year and it would be something nice to do for yourself after all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season!

Use this link to learn more and order from Butcherbox!  You’ll get FREE BACON added to your box just for signing up through us!  Get more on Butcher Box here!



So, just as a heads up - some links above may be my affiliate links, which means I get a small commission if you click on it and make a purchase. Doing so is no additional cost to you, but helps me tremendously. Your support is SO greatly appreciated, so thank you in advance if you choose to do so. Check out my entire disclosure to know exactly how things work.

Indian Spiced Shrimp Kabobs

Indian Spiced Shrimp Kabobs

The Holidays are here and that probably means you’ve got family in town or are getting ready to visit them.

Parties and get-togethers will abound and you know how they’ll go.

There will be buffets and smorgasbords of delicious foods that you will want to avoid for various reasons.

Maybe they hurt your stomach or sabotage your health.

Whatever the reasons are, a great trick for any health conscious party-goer is to bring something that you can eat and enjoy to the party. 

That way you’re a pleasant and considerate guest AND you know you have something to eat even if everything else there is off-limits for you!

And if you want to go off the paleo plan for the party (which is totally fine!) you can also consider taking a digestive enzymes supplement like this one with lactase, lysine, lipase and others to help your body process any of the dairy, grains, or excess fat you encounter.

These Indian Spiced Shrimp Kabobs make a great recipe to take to a party or make as an appetizer! 

Indian Spiced Shrimp Kabobs



  1. Mix all ingredients in a dish ensuring the shrimp are well coated
  2. Cover and leave in refrigerator for around 4 hours
  3. Preheat a grill to moderate heat. Meanwhile, thread shrimp onto skewers.
  4. Cook on each side for 3 to 4 minutes.
  5. Enjoy!

Alfie from has been helping readers lose weight without starvation, mood swings or counting calories. Join him as he shares exactly what worked for him, scientific evidence (from real papers) and free recipes.

Connect With Alfie

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What will you be making for holiday parties this year?


So, just as a heads up - some links above may be my affiliate links, which means I get a small commission if you click on it and make a purchase. Doing so is no additional cost to you, but helps me tremendously. Your support is SO greatly appreciated, so thank you in advance if you choose to do so. Check out my entire disclosure to know exactly how things work.