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paleo for women workout fuel

This Week in Paleo: Pre and Post Workout Nu...

Jul 22, 2016No Comments1201 Views

Noelle and I have talked about pre and post workout nutrition on our podcast before because it’s a crucial topic that women sometimes do not take

beef buffad paleo for women

This Week In Paleo: Beef Buffad

Jul 15, 2016No Comments662 Views

Alfie and I are at it again this week with another delicious paleo Indian food recipe! This week, we’re bringing you Beef Buffad.  YUM! If

this week in paleo lessons learned from sloths

This Week In Paleo: 5 Lessons Learned From ...

Jul 01, 2016No Comments2091 Views

If you listen to my podcast you know that sloths are my spirit animal. Seriously.  I love them.  They represent everything I want to be.

this week in paleo: switch to walking

This Week in Paleo: Switch to Walking

Jun 24, 20165 Comments4415 Views

  So many of my readers and podcast listeners are runners, cross-fitters, and heavy exercisers. I get questions from these women EVERY DAY because so

this week in paleo stuff for introverts

This Week in Paleo: An Introvert Night In

Jun 17, 20163 Comments2929 Views

Did you see my post the other day on why you’re an introvert?  If not, find it here. I’ve been told that post was pretty

the reason you're an introvert by stefani ruper

The Reason You’re an Introvert

Jun 16, 20165 Comments6261 Views

Western society tends to belittle introversion. In some ways this is really obvious. (Read my favorite book about why this is wrong Quiet: The Power of

beauty products roundup paleo for women

This Week in Paleo: Beauty Products Roundup

Jun 10, 2016No Comments3142 Views

You’ve probably seen my recipe and snack Roundup posts.  If not, find them here and here. This week I’m rounding up all the best skin and

tips for healthy beautiful hair paleo for women

This Week in Paleo: Tips for Shiny, Beautif...

Jun 03, 20165 Comments5183 Views

I’m sometimes (often) complimented on my skin and hair. I’ve got an even, acne free complexion even when I don’t wear makeup (which I hardly

pumpkin protein paleo for women

This Week in Paleo: Power-Packed Pumpkin Nu...

May 27, 20165 Comments2265 Views

I love pumpkins as much as the next person. They make amazing pies and breads and side dishes. But pumpkins are particularly useful for something

acne probiotic skincare paleo for women

This Week in Paleo: Probiotic Skincare

May 13, 20165 Comments3210 Views

Hi all!  Guess what! Probiotic Action just gave us an amazing discount code! Use the code J3J74P5V7TQI at check out and get a full 18 % off!! 

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