Work with Amber

Amber Fischer is a functional nutritionist who sees clients online and in person at her office in San Antonio, Texas.  Amber is a graduate of Saybrook University and holds a Master’s Degree in Integrative and Functional Nutrition.

In her practice, Amber specializes in fertility nutrition and particularly enjoys working with women who suffer from PCOS and other related conditions.  As a woman who has battled PCOS herself, as well as worked closely with the Director of Paleo for Women Stefani Ruper for several years, Amber is uniquely qualified to work with women withPCOS and related disorders.

Amber’s passion is to help women with infertility improve their health and hormones, and even concieve.  Amber also works with people with gastrointestinal issues, anxiety and depression, skin issues, insulin resistance, and more.  These are her specialities — she is uniquely qualified to help you with these issues. But anything else you may struggle with is likely to be in Amber’s wheelhouse, too. She is extraordinarily adept at functional nutrition.

Because Amber practices functional medicine, she sees each person as a unique individual.  Her passion is to find the root cause of their health issues and use nutrition to bring them back to optimal health.  She can help you find your root cause, and get you back to springy, radiant, energized, and feeling good in body and in mind.

A consultation with Amber includes an hour long discussion via video chat.  Your consultation will also include a custom meal template for your unique needs as well as a customized 3-day sample menu to help you transition to your new lifestyle.  Amber will also include her supplement recommendations and further recommendations going forward. She provides her clients everything they need to get on track and achieve their goals, step by step.

“If I trust anyone with my ovaries more than I do myself, it’s Amber Fischer.”

-Stefani Ruper, director of Paleo for Women


First Consultation: $167
-1 hour consult
-custom meal template
-3 day custom sample menu
-supplement recommendations
Follow Up Consultations: $75
-30 minute follow up discussion to monitor your progress
-updated supplement recommendations
-updated food and dietary recommendations
-discussion of further steps, both short and long-term future

Get Amber’s Help on Your Journey

To become one of Amber’s clients or enter her wait list, email her at with ‘consult’ in the subject line. Simply say you’d like a consult (or say as much about yourself as you’d like) – she will take care of the rest. Amber will respond quickly, and correspond with you personally to find a time to meet either online by skype or by phone that fits your busy schedule.
Amber takes both Paypal and Venmo for consultation fees.
It is recommended that no later than 24 hours before your appointment you send any previous lab work you have had done in the last 6 months to Amber at This will give her ample time to become acquainted with your needs before meeting. You will also need to complete the new client paperwork and email it no later than 24 hours before your appointment.