Hey ladies!

I hope all is well. I haven’t posted much in the last couple of weeks because I have been doing a lot of work on the back end of the site… setting up code and designs and photos and the like. I miss you. Yet I want the website to be as smooth-working and pretty as possible before going all gung ho on posts again. It shouldn’t be more than another week or two. Let’s say, 11 days plus or minus four days. More or less.

BUT I am curious about something and do need your help.

On what, you ask?

I am putting together a small collection of testimonials for the work we do here at Paleo for Women.

Over the years, women have written to me expressing their excitement over getting their periods back, or finally conceiving children, or losing 50 pounds, or feeling good and confident about themselves again, or clearing their skin, or the like. It has been nothing short of amazing to be a part of so much healing. I really have nothing but boatloads of gratitude and honor to have been a part of so many of your lives.

And now I want to do two awesome things at once: I want to be able to better show the world what awesome things we can do here in this community, and I want to showcase you and your healing journey.

Do you have a success story related to the work I’ve done here?

Related to the community here?

Have you, specifically, benefited from the work I’ve done on PCOS and maybe even used the PCOS Unlocked manual?  How about Weight Loss Unlocked?  Or Sexy By Nature?

Do you have something to say regarding your feelings or opinion of me or Paleo for Women generally?

All I’d need is a few short sentences saying how you’ve overcome PCOS or other health issues and how much you love me because aren’t I the best?

Haha. Sorry.

Seriously, though.

If you have a PCOS or other PfW-related testimonial and would be willing to share for the sake of getting the revolutionary womanhood word out there (and for helping me!!), I would be more grateful than I could ever possibly say.

And if you haven’t read Birth Control Unlocked, PCOS Unlocked, Weight Loss Unlocked or Sexy By Nature, you should totally do that and you might have an awesome testimonial at some point too!

Send me an email @ paleoforwomenteam@gmail.com with your brief statement, and a photo please if you are willing! In return I will make your story a part of the fabric of our loving, healthy, growing community, and be eternally indebted to and grateful for you.


stefani love


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