My good friend and excellent chiropractic paleo coach Dr. Brad Fackrell has recently released a paleo thanksgiving cookbook– full of intuitive step-by-step instructions, easy-to-find-ingredients, healthful and enriching paleo foods, traditional recipes, and heaps and heaps of gratitude and love.   It’s a glorious product, and it enables you to have all the delights and rich indulgences of Thanksgiving dinner, all the while remaining 100 percent paleo and 100 percent happy.

Really, though, it’s a delight.

And for just three dollars!!!



Dr. Brad is also the creator of some of my most favorite paleo tools.  First, the Paleo 30 Day challenge, and also, one of the absolute coolest ideas, the online Paleo Cooking Class, which is right now available for only five dollars, an enormous steal if I’ve ever heard of one.


Cyndi Grasman of Bad Pickle Tees has announced the T shirt giveaway winner, Tonya Swann.  Congratulations Tonya!!

Check out the beautiful tee Tonya won @ Bad Pickle Tees.


And finally, I am currently at San Francisco airport–armed for a day of travel with local, organic apples I purchased at the Weston A Price Foundation conference (50 cents a piece!), some organic Haas avocadoes, and a pound of carrots (already gone)–on my way back East from a week of delightful travels and even more delightful learning.

At the WAPF  conference I had the enormous pleasure to

-play entourage to my warm, brave, and lovely friend who just so happens to also be a New York Times Best-Seller Diane Sanfillipo (who gifted me with those kick-ass Paleo Power socks!!!), 

-finally give an enormous hug to my long-anticipated real-world friend Liz Wolfe,

-delight in not just the huge information bank but also, and far more importantly, depth of laughter and wisdom in new dear friend and WAPF guru Chris Masterjohn,

-explore Mountain View with the world’s best hugger and kindest smiler, Lazy Caveman Badier Velji,

-laugh and grow through the well-practiced and experienced wisdom of cookbook and how-to pioneers, and super soon bride and groom Haley Mason and Bill Staley,

-spend the whole conference getting irked stares because I couldn’t stop whispering commentary with the enormously-educated, inquisitive, joyful and kind Steve Wright,

-feel buoyed about the future of American RD’s by the brilliant light and joy of RD-in-training Laura Schoenfeld,

-feel welcomed and embraced by the welcome and open hospitality of Michelle Tam and family of Nom Nom Paleo,

-meet the delightful woman behind Grass-fed Girl,

-enjoy the fermented, local, grass-fed, organic, happy plant and animal products at every meal of the WAPF conference, sourced by the hard-working and loving sponsors of the conference,

-learn an incredible volume and depth about relationships between the gut and brain, brain and skin, and gut and skin axes from the depthless paleo brain of Chris Kresser, which included an enlightening discussion of stress activators and hormones in the skin, and both nutritionally and topically how to aid those (supplement with Cod Liver Oil, Quercetin, Phytosphingosine, and/or apply topical probiotics),

-learn from Chris Masterjohn that fat soluble vitamins A, D, and K are necessary for human health and immune function, and that they require mineral co-factors such as zinc and less-touted but equally important co-factor CO2 (enhanced by carbohydrate consumption!),

-learn in another talk by Chris Masterjohn all about methylation, methionine, glutathione, and how poor methylation processes can lead to disurpted dopamine levels in the brain, which can promote anxiety and poor mood stability— and how we can enhance methylation by having adequate B vitamin, especially B12 levels, protein, folate (not folic acid, but the organic form found in liver and leafy greens), and vitamin C and polyphenols from fruits and vegetables,

-learn from both Chris Masterjohn and Steven Fowkes and Dr. Fife about the crucial and life-saving benefits of coconut consumption, especially for halting the progression of Alzheimer’s,

-benefit from the experiential wisdom of both Julia Ross of the Mood Cure and Natasha Campbell-McBride of the GAPS diet,

-meet tons of excellent doctors and naturopaths interested in fertility, women’s health, PCOS and natural cures (more on them forthcoming!),

-get boatloads of fermented cod liver oil and beauty balm (says Liz and Diane an absolute must) from Green Pastures,

-laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh, and learn and learn and learn.


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