I love fruit and I love chips. There’s no mystery there.

But I also love convenience, especially when I’m out on the town or on a great hike.  And mangos don’t always fit in my purse!

How do those things go together?  Easy:  freeze dried fruit.

It’s delicious, it’s nutritious, it fits in my tiny clutch handbags and doesn’t get my hands sticky and gross on the run.

 It keeps well and its light and easy to carry. It’s the perfect snack.

Fruit sometimes gets a bad rap in the paleo community because of it’s relatively high sugar content (compared to other things most paleo folks consume).

However, fruit has been shown time and time again to improve inflammatory markers in people with chronic inflammation, provide important nutrients like Vitamin C as well as flavanoids and other anti-inflammatory compounds, is a great source of fiber, and it tastes DELISH.

It’s nature’s gift, so enjoy it.

Fresh fruit is obviously best, but there’s something wonderful about the convenience of freeze-dried that I just love.  Unlike regular dried fruit which is often coated in sugar, it’s fairly easy to find freeze dried fruit that has no added sugar.

Sugar isn’t even necessary with these delicious morsels of happiness, anyway.

And while there’s about as many brands of freeze dried fruit out there as you can imagine, these are a few of my new favorites which I have been thoroughly enjoying of late.

Jicama Chips

These jicama chips are no joke.  Did you even know they made chips from jicama?? Maybe it’s not dried “fruit” per se, but its awesome and delicious and I couldn’t write a snack post without letting you guys know about these little gems.

These particular ones are a bit spicy with chile and lime!  Yum!  Find Chile-Lime Jicama chips here.

Apple Chips

I’m also a huge fan of apple chips.  They’re so sweet/sour/yummy.  Apple is an awesome source of fiber and a lower glycemic fruit choice compared to some others.

These apple chips in particular are my fav.  They’re made from just apples and cinnamon, no added sugar.  Find Bare apple chips on Amazon here. 

Banana and Coconut Chips

Does it get much better than bananas and coconut?  This particular snack comes with dried coconut and chewy dried banana mixed together.  What a great snack with fruit, fiber, and good fats!  Find banana coconut chips here. 

Strawberry Chips

Of all the fruits, there is a very large body of evidence that strawberries are quite anti-inflammatory.  They’re also one of my favorite fruits EVER.  I like to get my dried ones from Steve’s Paleo Goods (find them here) but for freeze-dried strawberry chips, these do the trick.

Find strawberry chips here. 

I hope you all enjoy these yummy snacks!!

What are your favorite paleo snacks for on-the-go?


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