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Guest Post at Free the Animal: No One’s Power but Our Own: Paleo Sexist Woes, and an Invitation to Rise up and Roar

I wrote a post about my views on feminism and why the paleo movement needs feminist voices at Richard Niokley’s blog,  here.

An excerpt:

The solution then is not to attack the paleo masses. Nor is it to attack the people at the top, those who are calling the shots. It’s not to attack Mark Sisson, Robb Wolf, Loren Cordain, or any of the other several male paleo bloggers who dominate the blogging scene. They are not doing anything wrong. They want women to be as healthy as women want to be healthy. In fact, while they do not necessarily trumpet women’s health issues, I’d assert pretty confidently that they do a better job loving and advocating natural female bodies than women do.

The simple fact is, however, that it’s not their job to walk the walk.

It is ours.

Our job is to stand up. Our job is to take ownership of womanhood and to live by healthy, empowered example. It is to be real and honest with ourselves as women, and to come to terms with our own desires and natures. Womanhood will never change if women are not owning and loving the right stuff themselves. We have to get over our baggage. I don’t care if we get more attention when we are skinny; I don’t care if any of us grew up with towering professional ballerinas squeezing our hips and telling us to go stand in the corner while the real dancers danced. I don’t care if we have mommy issues or daddy issues or if we grew up in a world in which being thin or exercising or meeting any of the ridiculous Western notions of womanhood were the only ways we could achieve psychological peace. That’s over, now.



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Managing director of Paleo for Women and author of Sexy by Nature.


  1. Richard “is someone who believes in the powers of ideas and of innovation and of courage” and who takes great pleasure in mocking people. Gotta love when he calls folks, including women like Emily Deans and Melissa McEwen cunts on his blog.

    Yeah thanks, I’ll take a pass on this one. I’m not a fan of his kind of courage.

  2. Hmm, I am a relative newbie to yoru site, and have detected a major theme: women need to learn to love their bodies. Enough already, I think you are diluting your very valuable work here. I discovered paleo because I loved my curvy body too much! I didn’t notice my curves were gettign a littel too bodacious until I was 225 and my cholesterol and blood sugars were out of control. Now that am 180 I feel so much better and I get compliments all the time on how great and “athletic” I look. Meaning my bootie and boobs are hips are a fraction of what they used to be. I am not “skinny” by any stretch of the imagination (size 12) but kind of miss all my curves. Sometimes it is only just about health and feeling more energy. I am got over not lookign like a magazine cover when I was 18 or so. I am 51 now and spend my time enjoying life, food, and playing in my body with all my newfound energy. PS: i lost my weight giving up wheat, dairy fat and red meat and eating soy, eggs, fat free dairy, lots of plant material, lean poultry and fish, nuts and seeds. The Type A blood type diet basically, which is what I am.

  3. Stefani, I can’t help but say that I am one of those readers who is extremely disappointed by your association with Richard. Seems an awfully strange brand of feminism to associate with a man who will threaten, abuse and defame someone based on his impression of their looks and value to the community, whatever that is. With the Kruse thing he tweeted a threat against three cunts. He has since said that I offer nothing of value (perhaps to him, since I doubt he can understand the science behind the majority of my postings), am a fat ugly bitch who is undesireable to men, a moron cunt, and has jokingly speculated at what it might be like for me go Lewinsky on James Krieger.

    Integrity? Ha! The man got pissed at me because I exposed his lack thereof. That he knew Kruse was full of shit before he threw him under the bus when presented with evidence he couldn’t evade. For page hits of all things. No … integrity is not a word I would use to describe him. He has enough friends who tried to set him straight behind the scenes yet he played it out for as much of whatever it is that drives him as he could get.

    Of course all of the women who enjoy being called a cunt as a term of endearment will accuse me of playing victim and “clutching pearls and swooning” at any profanity. I dunno. I was one of the guys for too many years to be shocked by anything. Anyone who cannot see that the intent counts more than the word is kidding themselves, and perhaps thinks it’s cool to be in with the crowd.

    I used to have the potty mouth in my younger one-of-the-guys days. And then one day I met the parents of one of my close friends. And you know what they told her the next day? That I was such an intelligent, charming and lovely girl and it was such a shame that my foul mouth ruined it all. It wasn’t said in a sexist sort of way, I’ve no doubt that were I a guy they would have said the exact same thing. No, it stung and hit home because I realized then and there that to be taken seriously by serious people, profanity wasn’t the way to go. I’m no prude, and when it’s appropriate, the potty mouth still runs all these decades later. But there’s a time and place for it.

    Richard is trying to claim that he’s allowed to be an obnoxious ass on the internet but he’s really just a lovable fuzzball who dotes on his wife and makes pleasant company in person. I’m sure I come off differently in person vs. the internet, but I take ownership of the content I put out there. It’s too bad more in the community don’t hold Richard to that standard. His original cocksuckers and cunts post/comments should have been universally condemned, by male and female, the agreeing and disagreeing alike. It was profoundly inappropriate and purposely intended to offend and abuse. You can’t get more cut and dry than that.


  4. You Rock! Thank you!
    I’m 53, a reformed vegetarian/vegan/raw foodie who has been experimenting with paleo on & off for 2 1/2 years. Every time I have veered away from the Paleo path, I begin to feel like crap: energy levels plummet, tendenitis returns, overall water retention & lungs begin to fill with fluid, etc. In January I recommitted & have stuck with it, except for eating an english muffin 6 weeks ago. “how bad could it really be?” I asked myself. Within 24 hours my guts hurt so bad I couldn’t function, all the vertebra in my lower back swelled up, I could barely walk. These symptoms increased to headaches, swollen joints, liver & kidneys, fluid in my lungs & overall water retention, & more. It took about a month to get it all to normal, and I will not make that mistake again!

    I’ve been visiting various paleo/primal sites for awhile now, and was very pleased to come across yours. I’ve lost #15 since January, and although I’d like to lose a lot more, it’s sort of a slow trickle now. Your site reminds me that I’m in this to feel good! I’m here for quality of life, and if I feed my body well, get adequate rest & exercise, and live well, my body will take care of the rest.

    I’ve never been one for fasting. Previous to this year, I couldn’t go without food for more than a few hours without getting light headed, I used to have to drag food around with me everywhere I went, but now that my system has begun to reset itself, I’m good for 4 – 6 hours, & sometimes longer. Even when I’m REALLY hungry, I no longer get light headed & shaky. It’s such a freedom!

    The closest I get to intermittent fasting is on the weekends when I don’t get around to eating breakfast until lunch time. Otherwise I let my body tell me when to eat (when I’m actually hungry!). Sometimes that’s 2 meals a day, more often it’s 3.

    Keep coming with the blogs, because I really like the chick perspective, & the info you provide!

  5. Yes, yes yes! Change only happens when it starts from the ground up; in this case, from the people that need it. Heading on over to the full post now.

  6. As always, whenever I read your articles I am left with an overwhelming sense of solidarity, and feel empowered, exuberant and invigorated. I’m overcoming a lot of struggles in my life these days, decades of self abuse. Your blog is the perfect combination of some of my favorite things: feminism, love, non-violent communication, compassion, and the types of radical self love that I’ve been seeking out in other authors and hoping to finally, some day, after so many years of exhaustion, embody.

    Thank you for all your efforts. I hope you never doubt what an impact you have.

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