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How Perfect is the Perfect Body? A Guest Post at Whole9


An excerpt:

We often conflate the perfect body with perfect health, but that is a flawed concept.  The truth is that a fit body provides merely the assumption that an individual has good physical health.  What is her fasting insulin? His C-reactive protein? Her triglycerides?  These three markers are perhaps the most important indicators of health, with a wide variety of metabolic indicators, hormones, and micronutrient levels all playing important roles. These are the first things we should think of when we want to evaluate physical health—not appearance.

Thank you, Whole9, for kicking ass in this particular advocacy, as in all things.


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  1. Loved this article! It was a pleasure to read.

  2. Thanks for this. I wrote a very similar post recently called “JUST BECAUSE YOU’RE THIN DOESN’T MAKE YOU HEALTHY. People are so focused on the scale that they lose sight of health. I teach nutrition classes, and I continually tell people that they need to be healthy to lose weight not the other way around. I love your thoughts on this!

  3. I also find it hard to categorize how you can truly know if a person is truly fit? I’m having a hard time staying fit with all the commercials out there on how to look like to stay fit and and how hard it will be to achieve that look. Your thoughts on finding out about your insulin, protein and triglycerides really focuses on the importance of staying healthy and knowing how to properly do it.

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