This week I wanted to highlight an amazing new product from Morocco Method. I have been using their other products pretty regularly and recently they sent me this product called “Euro Oil”. This oil is basically  supposed to give your hair life & body. I have pretty fine hair so I usually have no issue keeping oil towards my scalp, but keeping my ends saturated is another story.

I may use heat products a little more often than I should, and going out of my way to get a trim is always annoying. So the lovely team at Morrocco Method sent me this oil to try on my ends to restore some of that shine and lift that I have been chasing in between trims.

How To Use It

I usually try to go a few days in between washing my hair to keep that oil locked in. So I started coating my ends every other day, and usually not the same day I washed my hair. I found if I did do it the same day I washed it, it would weigh my hair down a little too much for my liking.

However, on day two or three, this was the perfect treatment to keep my ends shiny in between washes. I threw a little on my palms and rub it together, (you really only need a very small amount) usually after styling it. AND BAM. You get a little bounce and a lot of sheen. And let’s be real, I am always looking for fantastic products to keep my hair glorious. This secondary step to styling my hair took virtually no time and I think it’s really saving my ends. Obviously you can’t save the ends that are already split unless you cut them, but this feels like a pretty legitimate preventative measure.

Euro Oil Can Also Be Used For:

A ton of other things, making this really a multipurpose oil versus just a hair oil. The list includes:

  • Stimulate sebaceous glands and restore the natural pH balance of the scalp to treat flakes and dandruff
  • Soften calloused or dry skin with ingredients like almond and sunflower oil
  • Apply to skin while using Henna to prevent skin staining
  • Use to remove makeup
  • Great for rough heels and calluses
  • Great for shaving legs, face and underarms
  • Good for pets: Shiny coat, claw softener for clipping
  • Great as a massage oil

As always, Morrocco Method isnt stuffed full of canola or vegetable oil or whatever other chemical crap you can think of. This stuff is paleo, gluten free, vegan, raw, and sulfate free. The Euro Oil ingredients do contain some seed oils, so please note if you are sensitive to those. Morocco Method is ALWAYS transparent about the content in their products; the ingredients can be found in the product description on their website.

Woop! This multipurpose wonder oil is on sale now, click here to get your hands on this amazing product. And! PFW listeners get 15% off their total order with code Euro18.

I would love to here how the Euro Oil affects other types, so let me know if you try it, or if you end up using it for any other of the suggested uses.


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