A lot of my friends are famous these days. They write cookbooks that make best-seller lists and their fan bases rival the population of New England. I love being with them in the kitchen. They elevate me from thrifty, boring, apathetic consumer to rabid foodie. It’s awesome. Famous chefs are pretty neat people to have in your friend pocket.

But here’s the thing: the paleo world is full of incredible chefs. Some blog. Some don’t. Some take photos. Some don’t. Some have millions of followers, other share with small groups of friends. There’s an astounding diversity of recipes and tastes out there for us to cherish — all we need is a method and a madness to make that happen.

In steps Chowstalker.

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Chowstalker is an online community collaboration that brings paleo recipes in and disperses them on a hugely bountiful and high quality basis, with recipes from bigwigs like Russ Crandall The Domestic Man and Melissa Joulwan and George Bryant small wigs like… like me!.

Plus they have specific Whole 30 recipes, autoimmune recipes, 21 Day Sugar Detox recipes… that number in the – this is not a joke – thousands.

Chowstalker brings together an incredible group of people, and the joy and life and love that leaps out of the webpage and into kitchen’s all over the world is truly astounding.

Here are some screenshots I took of the Chowstalker homepage this afternoon:

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So anyway. Chowstalker put together a cookbook for Paleo Plan’s 2014 Primal Life Kit (read more about this ridiculous offer HERE) and I am having the food porn time of my life flipping through the pages.

The cover.

The cover.

The first thing I notice about the cookbook is the way it’s organized.

It goes like this:

What is Paleo?

Things that graze

Things that oink

Things with wings

Things that swim

Things that hatch

Things in bowls

Things without faces

Other things


Which I just find so damn cute.

The second thing I notice is that each section has a few dozen recipes.

The third is that the ebook is 250 pages long! 

Which is a whole hell of a lot of food porn.

And help in the kitchen.

The fourth is that each recipe comes with a lot of cool stuff:

1) a list of its dietary compliance (gluten-free, paleo, primal, 21 DSD, Whole 30, vegetarian, ketogenic, egg-free, dairy-free, etc).

2) an introduction to the dish by the author

3) a “Did you know?” Section teaching you about the cooking skills or techniques related to the dish

4) an “about the author” section

5) further resources for getting in touch with each author

6) “pro tips” from the authors

Sooooooooooooo basically what we have here is a cookbook by 92 different contributors, ways to find more recipes by them, and more than 100 unique and diverse paleo recipes.

This is my kind of cookbook.!

Here are some photos if you’re interested in the layout of the book or in whetting your appetite a wee bit:

Fullscreen capture 2014-04-19 PM 063625.bmp Fullscreen capture 2014-04-19 PM 063630.bmp


That’s the whole she-bang of the layout for recipes… what follows are as many snippets I thought I could get away with.

Fullscreen capture 2014-04-19 PM 063711.bmp Fullscreen capture 2014-04-19 PM 063714.bmp Fullscreen capture 2014-04-19 PM 063724.bmp Fullscreen capture 2014-04-19 PM 063754.bmp Fullscreen capture 2014-04-19 PM 063824.bmp Fullscreen capture 2014-04-19 PM 063912.bmp Fullscreen capture 2014-04-19 PM 063917.bmp



So anyway. Chowstalker is one of my new all time paleo loves and discoveries and I’m ashamed of myself for not finding and falling in love with them sooner. I had heard the name, but I so rarely engage the cooking clan that I just let it pass by.

Not anymore! Because of Chowstalker I have an enormous bank of paleo foodies at my fingertips, and tons of beautiful and exciting recipes to boot.

Thank you, Chowstalker and stalkers.


If you want to check out this so fun and incredible resource, you can read more about it and purchase it as a part of the Paleo Plan sale going on this week… this totally ohmigod are these deals real sale.

53 ebooks, including this cookbook and twenty others, for the price of two. (That is, $39.)

Read all about the whole thing in my introductory post @ http://paleoforwomen.com/paleo-plan-2014,

or just go to the site to read all about it @ http://paleoplan2014.com.

Sale ends Monday 4.28, so get it while the getting is good, if you’re into that sort of thing.




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