The Holidays are here and that probably means you’ve got family in town or are getting ready to visit them.

Parties and get-togethers will abound and you know how they’ll go.

There will be buffets and smorgasbords of delicious foods that you will want to avoid for various reasons.

Maybe they hurt your stomach or sabotage your health.

Whatever the reasons are, a great trick for any health conscious party-goer is to bring something that you can eat and enjoy to the party. 

That way you’re a pleasant and considerate guest AND you know you have something to eat even if everything else there is off-limits for you!

And if you want to go off the paleo plan for the party (which is totally fine!) you can also consider taking a digestive enzymes supplement like this one with lactase, lysine, lipase and others to help your body process any of the dairy, grains, or excess fat you encounter.

These Indian Spiced Shrimp Kabobs make a great recipe to take to a party or make as an appetizer! 

Indian Spiced Shrimp Kabobs



  1. Mix all ingredients in a dish ensuring the shrimp are well coated
  2. Cover and leave in refrigerator for around 4 hours
  3. Preheat a grill to moderate heat. Meanwhile, thread shrimp onto skewers.
  4. Cook on each side for 3 to 4 minutes.
  5. Enjoy!

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What will you be making for holiday parties this year?
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