Way back in November I had the enormous honor to be interviewed by Krista Scott Dixon, a brilliant feminist scholar health advocate who writes at Stumtuous.com.

I recommend Krista’s website for brilliant resources on women’s hormones and mental health, as well as classic and artful rants on culture, norms, and health.   At the site you can also grab a free copy of her e-book “fuck calories.”

Krista is a star, and I loved chatting with her. I think this was my favorite podcast interview I have ever recorded.  I lost the post somewhere that shared it with you– so here it is again.

In the podcast, we discuss the different types of PCOS and why they are so poorly understood in today’s world — and not just in conventional medicine, but in the natural world, too — as well as the importance of community to ancestral wellness, what’s wrong with communities today, an evolutionist’s spin on female empowerment, and what she and I think about evolutionary feminism, and the shape of feminism in the paleosphere.

Grab the podcast here!

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