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The book I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting for is finally here. It’s the latest installment of  all my unique experience in science, paleo, and women’s health brought to you in e-program form:

Weight Loss Unlocked: The Paleo Woman’s Solution.

Because AWESOME!

Really, though. I’ve been working very hard to get this book out to you for months and months. Writing Sexy by Nature and completing my master’s program ate much of 2013. Web design and social media floods consumed a lot of 2014. Now in 2015 I’m exploding the amount of content I’m delivering to you… and armed with more experience and insight than ever before.

(Or something.)

I never thought I’d write a book on weight loss. In fact, I’m a part of a vocal and passionate group of bloggers–I might even daresay I’m one of the leaders of this group–who argue that weight loss and the whole industry surrouding it is bad for a number of reasons… least of which being the fact that weight loss in itself should not be the primary goal, but health.

But after several years in the health sphere, I came to a few important conclusions:

First – weight loss often does make people drastically healthier. Not always, but often.

Second, people are going to lose weight for all sorts of reasons including the way they look and I’m totally cool with that so long as you are aware of it and doing it healthfully.

Which brings me to point number three: Weight loss is a great goal if you do it right. As in – lovingly, nourishingly, and by prioritizing health. Women everywhere are trying to lose weight. Perhaps the best thing I can do is help them do it the right way. 

Or what I consider to be the right way, anyway.

I have said before that my method of weight loss is the “happiest, healthiest, and easiest” weight loss in the world.

I stand by that.

The last time I wrote a post on it, back in 2012, I knew all the paleo ins and outs and how healthy eating reduces inflammation, one of the key culprits in weight gain. I knew the importance of leptin. I knew how to heal the metabolism. I knew how to support a woman’s journey so that she makes weight loss progress but also loves herself and feels confident and sexy the whole time.

Today, I also know so much more about weight loss. Go paleo. Get healthy. That’s the simple solution – the one that everyone always gives. They say: go paleo and you’ll be lean! Really? Sometimes. But can you do it better, and faster, and with better alignment with your hormonal needs? 

You betcha.

Methods I talk about for weight loss – and specifically tailored to women’s unique hormonal needs – in the program include:

-one specific nutrient crucial for being a healthy weight that the vast majority Americans (even paleo dieters!) miss out on,

-several minerals that are crucial for healthy thyroid and pitiutary function,

-which specific kinds of progesterone found in birth control pills cause weight gain,

-the real effect of phytoestrogenic foods on body weight,

-and, well, more.

All equipped with a weight loss plan, a way to keep track of food intake that isn’t obsrssive but still keeps you healthy and on-track, sample days, how to prepare weight-burning meals, and more.

These ideas and plans have proven themselves time and time again with my clients. It’s kind of amazing, come to think of it.

Which to say: I’m so excited!!!!!!!


I’m giving away a chapter of the book for free. 

Grab this free chapter, and you can not only get a feel for what the program itself will be like, but you will also learn dope information about weight loss and birth control!

For example, did you know one of the most popularly proscribed pills in the world is actually the #1 pill associated with causing weight gain?!

That’s a fact. No one is talking about it.

But it’s true. So you can learn about that and all other cool hormone-y things in the free chapter.

How to get your free chapter: Click on this link  which is http://unlocked.paleoforwomen.com – and click the download button.

Seriously. That’s it. And your computer will download the free chapter immediately.



Thanks, ladies! The book itself will be out very soon, so stay tuned, for more free stuff and discounts and how to be healthy and happy and weight-concern free!!



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