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Live. Love. Eat. Episode Six with Stacy of Paleo Parents!

Episode Six of Live. Love. Eat. has now been posted.  The powerful and wise mother behind  the website Paleo Parents and the book Eat Like a Dinosaur: Recipes and Guidebook for Gluten Free Kids (with her husband Matt), Stacy, was my guest.  In this episode, we talk about what it feels like to be discriminated against as an obese person, how weight loss is psychologically challenging even after the weight has come off, Stacy’s experience recovering from bulemia as a teenager, raising physiologically and psychologically healthy children, the impact of weight loss on love and intimacy, and why you might ever want to put photos of yourself in your underwear up on the internet (answer: empathy, courage, and inspiration.)

Each episode of Live. Love. Eat. is an interview with someone who has stepped up to share the story of her (or his) relationships with food and with her body.  She may be a disordered eater, he may be a paleo dieter, she may be totally at peace with her body or not.  The whole point being that I can do all of the writing on my blog here that I want, but I will never be able to do something as empowering, comforting, and inspiring as sharing with y’all the beautiful and brilliant lives of others.

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Episode Six is with guest Stacy of Paleo Parents.

Stacy Toth is a working mother, the only female in a family of 3 young boys. She co-wrote Eat Like a Dinosaur, a Recipe and Guidebook for Gluten-Free Kids with her husband and stay-at-home-dad, Matt, is the co-host of The Paleo View Podcast and blogs at PaleoParents.com. As a recovered bulimic, former vegetarian of 7 years and survivor of gall bladder removal and 3 cesareans – her passions and blog posts range from the emotional aspects of losing 135lbs to delicious kid-friendly recipes.  You can find her on FacebookTwitteriTunes and Pinterest, too.


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Managing director of Paleo for Women and author of Sexy by Nature.


  1. This was a beautiful interview! Thank you for once again bringing an amazing story and inspiration to ‘keep at it’!

    I would also like to say that while I am recovering from the other end of the spectrum (being really underweight) I can totally relate to many of the experiences Stacy referred to. Now that I am closer to “normal” weight I am surprised daily by the amount of people who make eye contact with me or even smile at me…that never happened when I was grossly underweight. While I appreciate the kindness now, I do agree that it is too often withheld from people when they need it the most in their lives.

    Knowing what i know now, I am pretty conscious to smile and look everyone in the eye. But, above this, I want to help our greater society transcend fear and judgement and create a culture of compassion and connectedness. I am inspired by how you are already doing this with your message and only hope I can someday have an impact too.


  2. This was so powerful. I loved this interview. Thank you to both of you for doing this, and especially for Stacey sharing a bit about herself and her story and who she is, I really appreciate it. I am also a mother and struggling with an autoimmune disorder myself, and wondering how best to feed my young daughter who so clearly is in need of my guidance in these areas. I don’t know how you do it, but Stacey, you are such an inspiration and I love that you are putting yourself out there, imperfections and all. They make you beautiful and real. Thank you fro the work that you do.

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