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Live. Love. Eat. Episode Three is Up! And I am Away!

First: I will be out of town for the next week.  That is, until July 1.  Please know it will take me a bit of time to clear the comments and respond to emails when I return.

Second: While I am away, if you would like to read some beautiful lady-empowerment out of a fresh mouth, read this post by Scott Abel sent to me by Beth at Weight Maven: Ladies, Please.


Episode Three of Live. Love. Eat. has now been posted.

And in it we talk about how enormously kick ass Whole9‘s Whole 30 program is.

Each episode of Live. Love. Eat. is an interview with someone who has stepped up to share the story of her (or his) relationships with food and with her body.  She may be a disordered eater, she may be a paleo dieter, she may be totally at peace with her body or not.  The whole point being that I can do all of the writing on my blog here that I want, but I will never be able to do something as empowering, comforting, and inspiring as sharing with y’all the beautiful and brilliant lives of others.

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Episode Three is with guest Juliet.

Juliet is currently residing in her the town of Blacksburg, VA where she went to college and has spent the last two years living there as a Research Technician for a medical diagnostics company.  This fall, she will be moving back to her home state of NJ to begin her PhD in Nutritional Sciences at Rutgers University, as well as to be closer to family. Juliet’s story began at the end of college, in March 2010, when her desire to lose some fat turned into an all out obsession with detail, negative self talk, and ammennorhea of unidentifiable cause (which later turned out to be non-classically presented PCOS). Eventually, she competed in 2 natural female bodybuilding competitions, bringing her obsession, binge eating, and self loathing to a new level.  In October 2011, Juliet realized her behavior was not normal and set out on a path of self discovery. Though these last 8 months have not gone without many a bump in the road, through paleo eating, forgiveness, and the desire to love the life she lives, she is finally moving on the right track. Juliet has passions for lifting heavy pieces of iron in the gym, reading fantasy books, drinking black coffee, and eating. She loves to make new friends, hear new stories, and experience life in as many ways as possible. If you’d like to contact her with questions, or even just to talk about how awesome self serve frozen yogurt is, you can email her at Joob@heyjoob.com or reach out at her blog at http://www.heyjoob.com.


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Managing director of Paleo for Women and author of Sexy by Nature.


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  2. this was another great one!

    i am also coming around to black coffee 🙂

  3. That was another great podcast. Thank you for doing these. I really appreciate your attitude about self-help / self esteem. It seems like so many people take this attitude of it’s not my fault so therefore I’m not responsible for anything. I enjoy your attitude of “All right, this is the past. Now what’s the future? How can I make steps to be happy with who I am.” Your kick ass attitude is a great message for all women, whether their “crutch” is food or something else that can be used destructively.

    I have to ask. I’m a HUGE book nerd. Especially fantasy. I just started Game of Thrones and I’m a little obsessed. Do you have some favorite authors or books to recommend?

    • ahahaha. Thank you– I appreciate your articulation of my mission. You have made it all the more clear for me. And that’s true– the problem is first and foremost external. Certain things happen to us, and that sucks. But are we just going to complain about it, and expect the world to change around us? Ack! I’m not waiting for the world. I want to be happy NOW.

      Yes, of course. I don’t really like Game of Thrones– I tried three times to read the series and just didn’t love anybody enough to stick with it. I kinda sorta have to be in love with the characters in order to stick with a book. I love Jennifer Roberson’s books esp. the sword dancer series. And those are not very well known, so perhaps that’s a good recommendation. I’m currently reading Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time. I have read David Edding’s Belgariad perhaps a million times– though the more I age the more I dislike it, as I uncover how ragingly sexist his ideas of ‘this is a man!’ and ‘this is a woman!’ are.


      • Ha, I knew I liked you. After you made a few recommendations, I was going to offer my absolute favorite author and series to you figuring that you would appreciate her as much as I do. I love Jennifer Roberson. Although, I really enjoy the Sword Dancer series, I definitely am partial to the Cheysuli series. I am a historical fiction nut, and I think the Cheysuli series is kind of what originally got me interested in the political intrigue of royalty stories. Did you give her Karavan series a try? I read the first two but I don’t think she has finished the series yet.

        I will have to give Robert Jordan a try again. I started one of his books a few years ago, and didn’t really get into it. My fiance has a few of his books so it’ll be easy. It’s not strictly fantasy but I always have to make sure everybody has read Ender’s Game. I absolutely adore that book and although, I don’t usually get into sci-fi, it’s a wonderful story.

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