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Paleo Living giveaway, forthcoming T shirts, and my NEW BOOK on PCOS, also forthcoming!

September 10, 2012

Happy Monday!

I am even more happy to announce several exciting things.

First, and most importantly, the Paleo Living Online Magazine App giveaway is still ongoing.   The prize: a one year subscription to Paleo Living Online Magazine, free!  The task: Write up your story about disordered eating and your body, and share it in the “Sharing your Story” section of the forums with GIVEAWAY in the title.  You have until Friday of this week to submit your story!  Second and third place prizes receive a free 3 month subscription.


Secondly, the Paleo for Women T shirts are underway and I could not be more excited.  


Third, I wrote a book about PCOS and it is going to be released in October!  

It’s called: Overcoming PCOS: The Complete Guide to your Personal PCOS Journey and How to Become Fertile, Healthy, and Sexy for Good.

And it shall rock.!

I will keep you posted on lots of forthcoming free giveaways of that, as well.


And finally, the Paleo for Women donation drive is on-going.  This website needs help to keep running, and this community thrives off of your support and love.  Whatever you might want to donate, 1, 2, 3, 6,000,000 dollars would be a huge help to all of us.

Thank you so much for your love.

Choose an amount and follow the button through to paypal below to support us.



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Managing director of Paleo for Women and author of Sexy by Nature.


  1. I am very excited to get your book, I was just diagnosed 2 weeks ago with PCOS. I have been Paleo/Primal for almost a year months now but wasn’t seeing results because my blood sugar/insulin was so out of control. After much thought and careful deliberation I went on medicine with the goal of pouring my heart into Paleo so I can whittle down my medication and eventually be completely off. Any tips and advice I can get from your book would be amazing!

  2. Looking forward to reading your new book, Stefani. I was dxd back when nobody knew much about it, or at least weren’t saying.

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