I am sitting here typing this sitting outside, with an awkward “V” shaped sunburn on my chest, and a splotchy sunburn on one, yes, I repeat, ONE arm.

Unfortunately (read:fortunately) it was beautiful outside this weekend, and the first warm day in a while. I cannot recall the last time my forearms were bare outside, and I was so ready for them to be free in the sunshine.


It was about 70-75 degrees outside, and because it was the first nice day, I had completely forgotten to pack any sunscreen to my Italian friends graduation party. Her olive skin does a fabulous job welcoming the summer sun, and I sat next to her and burned to a little crisp without even realizing it.

Every summer I make the same promise to myself, to be extra cautious with the sun and to always wear a level of sunscreen to protect my fair skin. Y’all know I want to be forever young, and it starts with a good SPF.

Sometimes I’m not the best about being on top of my sun skin care. And there are so many crappy toxic gross sunscreens out there. Luckily, for you, I have been testing a wide variety of brands trying to find the most perfect paleo sunscreen ever, if it is out there.

Check out my fave sunscreens, below.

 Beauty Counter Protect All Over SPF 30 :

So if you haven’t heard of Beauty Counter then you may be living under quite a large rock. This company is striving to create skincare that makes our skin better, not worse. Beautycounter is a women owned enterprise too, you know how much we love supporting our female bosses out there.  And their sunscreen is legit. The fact that this is a solid slide on stick makes it easy to keep in my purse or backpack without worrying it will leak.

paleo sunscreens

2. Primal Life Organics Sunscreen :
We at PfW have been fans of Primal Life Organics for sometime. The main ingredient in their sunblock is red raspberry seed oil, which naturally has a high SPF content of about 28-30. It also has coconut oil in it which makes the product sun protective humectant. The container is a bit small and the product is a little difficult to apply, but other than that it is a great sun protection option.







3. Badger Sunscreen :

This unscented sunscreen is a fave of mine, sourced from a small business owner in New Hampshire. There is only five ingredients, one being zinc oxide. The other ingredients include seabuckthorn, sunflower oil, and Vitamin E oil.







4. Juice Beauty Sunscreen :

Juice Beauty is a brand I used a lot back in the states. Their ingredients are pretty transparent and the effects they have on my skin is minimal. You can also get it on Amazon Prime which is a mega-bonus.

I really hope you can avoid making the mistake I did, and take preventative measure when protecting that glorious skin of yours.  We put a lot of money into the beauty industry; what would happen if we backtracked and invested in our skin from the get-go?

I know a tan can make us feel amazing, but I promise there are some legitimate spray on tan companies out there too….

Happy warm weather!


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