It isn’t often I advocate for perfumes or essential oils. I don’t wear either of these on a daily basis because they so commonly have a TON of artificial ingredients and additives that are known to disrupt our endocrine systems. AND it is so difficult to find paleo perfumes.

And to be honest, I am definitely a fan of not masking our naturally produced scents.


I have finally found an organic essential oil blend that is free of additives and all of the nasty ingredients that are typically found in perfumes. AnnMarie Skin Care has developed a new line of pure essential oil perfume blends that can be sampled in a miniature set so you can be absolutely sure you find your fav scent.

Seriously though- these are the cutest miniature bottles and I have already thought of a ton of ways to re-purpose them.

These are unique because they are blends of pure, organic essential oils that create a new sensual aromatic experience. The best part is smelling AMAZING but also knowing you aren’t dousing yourself in all the artificial ingredients and unknown chemicals typically found in perfume. The blends aren’t stifling or suffocating either – they have the perfect amount of scent.

I never wear conventional perfume because it gives me migraines, but sometimes if I feel like indulging I’ll wear one of these natural scents– and from these I don’t suffer any pain.

AND because the are made of organic essential oils, they offer similar benefits that aromatherapy can offer including relaxation and grounding.

The blends can also be combined with a coconut oil (find my fave here) to make a great moisturizer. I have recently used this moisturizer method on my scalp if it is dry , and subtle waves of the scent will wash over me throughout the day.

You can also and throw a few drops  in your diffuser to give your space some serious atmosphere.

Flavors range from love, passion, and grounded to name a few –  giving you multiple options depending on your mood.I liked all of the scents. But, my fav is definitely the passion – an earthy blend containing notes of sandalwood. This blend is the perfect accent to a night of dancing and does well withstanding the sweat and movement. You can create your own combination of signature scents by blending different oils together too.

And AnnMarie is having a special on sample kits so you can try all of their scents for $10.00. Because scents are so hard to commit to without testing fully, I was willing to test them because they also offer a $10.00 coupon off of a future purchase and free shipping on the kit versus having to dish out a ton of money to sample the blends first.

Ready to try AnnMarie’s organic scents? Get your sample kit here.

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