If you have been living without dry shampoo in your life you may have been living under a very, very large rock.

Let me take a second and tell you, dry shampoo is THE BEST.  

Surfacing a few years ago in the form of baby powder, dry shampoo gives us the ability to extend the time between shampooing our hair. Baby powder worked for a while for me until I researched the content and side effects of putting this supposedly non-toxic powder on my head. The science behind the toxicity isn’t fully there, but there are some argumentative cases that it can be carcinogenic. After being spoiled by the ability to not wash my hair every single day, you can believe I was going to find a non-toxic dry shampoo to replace the baby powder.

I am going to be real with y’all, sometimes it is not easy to shower every single day. Not only is it a cumbersome task but it strips the natural oils from your skin and hair, causing imbalances that can lead to over producing oil or grease on the scalp. I know all the PfW followers are moms or working women, or are in general taking on a lot of things at once. Dry shampoo is the best because it lets us extend the time between the boomerang task of showering/shampooing. (don’t know what a boomerang errand is? Check out Gretchen Rubin’s philosophy on this here.)

A Non-Toxic Dry Shampoo Alternative

One of my fave dry shampoos right now is Morrocco Method Oil Volcanic Dry Shampoo. (they have the best, most badass names for their products!) The main ingredient in their dry shampoo is bentonite clay. Sound familiar? I recently talked about how much I love putting bentonite clay on my face. Check out that post here.

Cleaner Ingredients

Bentonite Clay binds to materials like dirt and toxins. So you can see how this would be great for a face cleanser and as a dry shampoo. The bentonite absorbs the dirt and grease in your hair. Bentonite is also a natural exfoliant and moisturizer in one.

The Volcanic Dry Shampoo also contains aloe vera and prickly pear oils, which protect your follicles from being stripped of their own natural oil. The aloe vera and prickly pear also deliver nutrients to the follicles and help maintain the natural pH balance of your hair.

The Morrocco Method team clearly put some research into what they were using to create this compound.

Their dry shampoo also contains a few other delicious well-known ingredients like basil, cinnamon, cloves, dandelion root, fennel, garlic, thyme and turmeric. I know what your thinking – this probably smells like a pressed turmeric juice from your Whole Foods smoothie counter. It actually doesn’t smell at all though! The blend of these ingredients with arrowroot powder and the bentonite clay really absorbs any weird smells that could come from the dry shampoo. This is great for me too; anything I put on my head needs to be really neutral and sensory balanced or I could suffer a migraine.

How to Use It

Morrocco Method has a great how-to PDF located here. It is super easy to use though. I just shake a little on my roots where I typically part my hair. It can leave a white residue so unless you want to look like you’re trying to start a new white root trend, brush through your hair using a comb. I find if you tousle your hair with your fingers instead of brushing it, it can take less dry shampoo to have the same effect, and the whiteness of the powder disappears and is distributed evenly.

I usually apply before I go to bed too, that gives my hair time to naturally produce a little more oil and combine with dry shampoo to give a voluminous, easy way to make my hair look cleaner. And it is one less step in the morning routine.
I find dry shampoo extremely convenient when :

  • Camping – This is great if you’re at a super rustic site and cannot shower but still need to occasionally go out in public while camping.
  • Working out with no time to wash hair– Sometimes when I lift weights I don’t work up the most intense sweat, but still need to wash my body. My hair isn’t typically dirty though. It is really challenging to blow-dry and style your hair in a hot locker room in the morning, so I will wash my body and use a little dry shampoo and throw my hair in a ponytail to call it a day.
  • Obviously, after dancing – Do I need to say more?
  • To boost volume – The bonus side effect of dry shampoo besides cleansing your hair is giving it a little more texture and volume. This is especially fantastic for those of us with thin or fine hair that used to have to wash our hair EVERYDAY to maintain and oil free look. This makes thin or fine hair look flat though, so bam—- dry shampoo is perfect.
  • If you just don’t have time or the desire to shower – No shame here ladies, we have all been there. Give yourself a break and use some dry shampoo to save you some time.

So – hopefully you have heard of dry shampoo before. And if not, I hope I have shed some light on how awesome this product can be.

By awesome, I definitely mean gold.  

I have tried many brands and this one is my favorite right now. It may be a little light for those with darker hair. If you are a brunette and choose this kind, I would definitely recommend applying at night or tousling a little more the next morning to eliminate any white residue.

If you are interested in trying the Volcanic Powder Dry Shampoo you can get it here, and their team is offering us 15% off the price with the code volcanicpaleo (no spaces).

Cheers to showering less and living more!



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