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Nourished Baby by Heather Dessinger: A Toadally Primal Bundle Treasure

January 8, 2013
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I began reading through the various e-books included in the Toadally Primal  bundle this morning.   I got a bit sidetracked by Abel James’s The Musical Brain, because it’s not primal per se, but fascinatingly tells the tale of evolution and music, but I was quickly whisked away by the next one I decided to open: Nourished Baby by Heather Dessinger.

Heather is the brilliant voice behind Mommypotamus, a blog which focuses on her extensive research on and personal journey through nourishing her family.  She cites no official credentials or special letters, but her writing is charming, her insights sharp, and her information invaluable.  She was a self-confessed “junk-food fiend” when first married — later an autoimmune patient and victim of low fat dieting — and now has one of the healthiest, most beautiful, 2+ years nursed babies I’ve ever seen.  On the internet, anyway.


Within four minutes of opening the book,  I learned

-that McDonald’s scrambled eggs contain more than 20 ingredients (!),

-how to get good bacteria into my birth canal,

-how to prevent my baby from missing out on beneficial bacteria in the moments immediately after birth,

-how formula and pasteurized cow’s milk hold up against breast milk under a microscope (hint: they don’t — and the pictures are startling)

-why so many children have picky taste buds for unhealthy food

-which foods are best for which weeks and months during pregnancy for me and for the baby,

-when I should and shouldn’t consider supplementing while pregnant



The section headings are:

1) Baby Biology 101

2) Awesome Boob Facts (Breastfeeding)

3) Ready! Set! Now What??  (Eating for Pregnancy)

4)  Proceed with Caution: Foods to Limit or Avoid

5) Beyond the Basics

6) Raising an Adventurous Eater

And more, including a delightful menu based on her pregnancy and fertility foods.

This really is a delightful read.  I recommend super highly that you check out the Toadally Primal Wellness Bundle — this invaluable book is included in it at around 8 percent of it’s normal selling price, and here the whole bundle is 33 books just like this one, all piled together for 39 dollars.



But if you don’t want to go with the Bundle, and are considering pregnancy and looking forward to years of a healthy family, the Mommypotamus is one of the most spectacular resources around.






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  1. Hi I bought the ebook bundle Toadally Primal Welness via Paypal, but unfortunately I only got to download the first of the 33 books, then the page disappeared. How do I get back to it so I can download the rest?

  2. WOW! This bundle is fantastic! Just purchased, I think I will be glued to my computer all day now!

  3. Love this book! We just started trying this week to have a little one and the baby books in the bundle were definitely the first ones on my list to read

  4. Great info I can pass along to the wife here. Thank you.

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