Hi friends,

I am heading out to the Weston A Price Wise Traditions conference a week early, which means I am leaving today for SFO, with my lovely soul-mate friend Alex (and co-director at Love Works, another site of mine) in order to get away and lounge… drink a lot of wine, and eat some Halloween candy… and also sleep among the Red Woods and campfires and harmonicas and friends.

I will be hiding my computer under a bed.

But I will check back here once, or perhaps twice at most if it turns out my addiction is even worse than I thought, and also because I want to keep up with whoever and whatever might want to discuss things re: PCOS Unlocked.

And then Friday the 9th begins the WAPF conference in San Jose, with some of my most delightful friends, and I could not be more thrilled to see them nor to meet and love many new people through the WAPF community.

I shall be back to blogging the following week!  With a new podcast featuring Karly Randolph Pitman, an enormously gentle and brave soul, three podcasts right in a row on other shows–Stumtuous, Brad Fackrell, and Sean Croxton’s UW, and blogging more on menopause, hormones, pregnancy, love, and sex, oh my!

In fire and on love,


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