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Each episode of Live. Love. Eat. is an interview with someone who has stepped up to share the story of her (or his) relationships with food and with her body.  She may be a disordered eater, she may be a paleo dieter, she may be totally at peace with her body or not.   He may be overweight, or he may be underweight.  Guests are volunteer clients of Stefani’s as well as popular writers and bloggers.

Live. Love. Eat. delivers empowerment, comfort, and inspiration through engagement with the life, struggles, and triumphs of others.[/box]


Episode One

Amanda Wermers (Manda) was born and raised in Colorado but has recently embraced Sioux Falls, South Dakota as her current home. She makes a living through American Sign Language Interpreting which is just one of her many passions. She loves spending time with family and friends, enjoys a good book, feels at peace when writing, and sings almost constantly. Much to Stefani’s chagrin she also is quite fond of the color pink. Loving life and living to love is what she is most driven by and she is currently working toward the serenity of self-love. Manda, also, is a compulsive overeater and a member of Overeaters Anonymous a 12-step program geared toward helping disordered eaters find serenity through self-growth and acceptance. She is engaged to be married to Ben who, too, is a disordered eater. They enjoy cooking healthful foods together and helping each other continue to love and discover new things about themselves. Their future plans currently contain nothing but bliss and happiness because Manda is working diligently on not planning too many things; just enjoying life as it comes. Manda’s most recent ambition is to help the women of the world help and love themselves as they are, which is why she is a part of this kick-ass revolution.  She can be read at her blog: primalterp.blogspot.com, or reached at her gmail, amleisten06@gmail.com.

Episode Two

Alexandra Covucci (Lex) has spent the last few years on an exploration of one of the strangest, most confusing and most beautiful places she’s ever traveled: herself.  She got there by way of growing up in Concord, MA, attending the University of New Hampshire, roaming around Europe and South America, and living and working in Santiago, Chile for over a year. She now resides in Cambridge, MA, where the cafés are as plentiful as the live-music, and every different kind of person roams the streets. She has been working in Sales at Education First  for almost two years, but her true passion lies in health and well-being.  In addition to working, Lex is currently studying at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition where she is learning a plethora of information regarding living, loving and eating. Her main focus is to eventually work with women who struggle with disordered eating and body-image, as she herself has for many years. On a more personal level, she enjoys all things active (especially biking), loves to cook, laugh, study the little nuances of people, and collect old typewriters. Her future plans include more living, more loving, more eating, and more exploring of this strange and confusing land known as herself. She also hopes to launch into Health Coaching full time in the near future in order to connect to more beautiful and amazing women around the world.  For any questions, further conversation, or just to say hello, she can be reached at lexcovucci@gmail.com.

Episode Three

Juliet is currently residing in her the town of Blacksburg, VA where she went to college and has spent the last two years living there as a Research Technician for a medical diagnostics company.  This fall, she will be moving back to her home state of NJ to begin her PhD in Nutritional Sciences at Rutgers University, as well as to be closer to family. Juliet’s story began at the end of college, in March 2010, when her desire to lose some fat turned into an all out obsession with detail, negative self talk, and ammennorhea of unidentifiable cause (which later turned out to be non-classically presented PCOS). Eventually, she competed in 2 natural female bodybuilding competitions, bringing her obsession, binge eating, and self loathing to a new level.  In October 2011, Juliet realized her behavior was not normal and set out on a path of self discovery. Though these last 8 months have not gone without many a bump in the road, through paleo eating, forgiveness, and the desire to love the life she lives, she is finally moving on the right track. Juliet has passions for lifting heavy pieces of iron in the gym, reading fantasy books, drinking black coffee, and eating. She loves to make new friends, hear new stories, and experience life in as many ways as possible. If you’d like to contact her with questions, or even just to talk about how awesome self serve frozen yogurt is, you can email her at Joob@heyjoob.com or reach out at her blog at http://www.heyjoob.com.

Episode Four

Having officially stayed in one place for almost a decade and a half (after many frequent relocations throughout her childhood and adolescence), Teal Hutton can say that she is truly at home in the beautiful Mid-Hudson Valley in Upstate New York. While Teal’s daytime secret identity is that of senior producer for a small but feisty web development shop, her real superhero powers include independent study (of whatever strikes her fancy), self-taught journalism, print and web design, knitting, falling in love, and an as-yet-unmatched knack for memorizing song lyrics. She is equal parts accidental home chef, amateur seamstress, aspiring homesteader, student of integrative nutrition, and most importantly single mama to a quick-witted and insatiable 4-year-old boy. Consequently, in her 33rd year, she still doesn’t know what she wants to be when she grows up. Teal’s experience of her son’s birth in 2007 — as a tremendous failure and her body’s first major betrayal — colored her relationship to her body and to food for the coming years, and triggered a cascade of health challenges and emotional pitfalls. Shortly after, Teal was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease and secondary amenorrhea, and she’s spent the years since learning the difference between trust and control, and the direct connection between self-love and physical health. Teal can be reached at teal.hutton@gmail.com.

Episode Five

Jimmy Moore is a popular blogger, writer, and health advocate who publishes several podcast episodes each week and who writes a blog at his website, livinlavidalowcarb.com.  He came to a career of health advocacy from a life of obesity, weighing in at about 400 pounds.  In 2004, however, after finally making peace with some emotional demons, and finding a diet (Atkins!) that worked for him, he was able to lose 180 pounds in just one year.  A year later he began blogging and writing books about his experiences, and in the meantime he has become a truly beloved and prolific figure among many online health communities.  Jimmy has come onto the Live Love Eat podcast in order to share in a more philosophical and personal aspect of his work.  Jimmy’s weight has fluctuated throughout the course of his advocacy career, and he has always been a public figure, so he has had to learn how to navigate those two worlds.  On this podcast, we delve into these issues.  To read more about Jimmy, his work, low-carb dieting, and the paleo diet, see his website at Livin La Vida Low Carb.

Episode Six

Stacy Toth is a working mother, the only female in a family of 3 young boys. She co-wrote Eat Like a Dinosaur, a Recipe and Guidebook for Gluten-Free Kids with her husband and stay-at-home-dad, Matt, is the co-host of The Paleo View Podcast and blogs at PaleoParents.com. As a recovered bulimic, former vegetarian of 7 years and survivor of gall bladder removal and 3 cesareans – her passions and blog posts range from the emotional aspects of losing 135lbs to delicious kid-friendly recipes.  You can find her on FacebookTwitteriTunes and Pinterest, too.

Episode Seven

Dean Dwyer’s story is one of real inspiration and real results.  After 19 years of vegetarianism and struggling with his weight, Dean finally realized that his true roadblock to healthful success was his mentality.  Dean set out to be the expert on his own life and body, and to really own and to love himself, and this empowered, delightful, helpful man has been the result.

In this episode we discuss the difficulty of making changes, tips for taking control of your diet and your life, why everyone and their grandmother should journal daily, and the reason Dean has bid a permanent farewell to beans.

Dean Dwyer is the founder of Make Shift Happen that has a singular mission; to transform individual transformation
so that everyone can shine.


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  17. Stefani!! Oh my god, I want to hug you, and hop around out of sheer joy! I send you the biggest digital embrace possible!!
    Your “Live. Love. Eat.” Podcast just just shifted my perspective on my binge eating disorder so much that I took leaps in my progress!! I already made huge progress, initiated by the Paleo experience, but it was the stories of George Bryant, Karly Randolph Pitman, Dean Dwyer and of course your philosophy that made me understand and induced a mindshift away from “everything for my look” and “everything for my health” towards “everything for my happiness” :-)!
    This podcast is amazing and really like a therapy!! Now, I try to help other people with BED as well by sharing my thoughts and my new mindset in a facebook group!
    Stefani, you cannot imagine how much you helped me with this podcast!!!
    I love you and all of the people who shared their stories and made such a big impact!! You are all so awesome! Thank you so much! 🙂
    Hugs and kisses to everyone!

    • Livi, what an amazing and encouraging message to read. Thank you so much for your kind words – I appreciate it more than you can say. And thank you even moreso for your own diligence and strength… this is not an easy road to walk, and you are doing it with courage. Thanks for being an inspiration to women everywhere 🙂

      • Thank you so much! Never did I find such an inspiring AND compassionate source of conquering my issues as your podcast :)! I wish I lived closer to you to come over and give everyone involved a hug :)!

  18. Hi Stefani

    Hope all is good with you and that you are doing well,

    First off thanks very much for the great podcast have listened to them all and they are just great love the information and the way that it is presented. The vibe is very cool too. I love the longer ones with the guest but also like the smaller one that can be put into action right away

    I know that you have been very busy but would there be any chance of being a guest on the show at some point .I would love to talk about some of the points from my e-mail

    Carb nite Solution
    Carb back loading
    Coconut oils,Bacon & eggs for breakfast .Full fat Cream in coffey, best start to the day
    Beef protein shake
    Sprint Intervals, High fat/high protein/low carbs keeps me sharp ,in shape and happy
    My competition prep for my over 40’s shows
    My company just setting up with my lovely wife Mandie called “Parke Core Training” can how we work our company with
    likability for our business and personal life.
    Using Gratitude diary and GPS 4 Soul apps to give a happier outlook on life and build better relationships
    . Also
    How to be A man of your word …something thought to be from a young age by mum and dad.
    Not asking someone to do something that you would not as a leader at work or home
    Talk the Talk -walk the walk

    And how my smile that i would tested for at school has been my best asset.

    How dyslexia has made me better.

    Heath and wellbeing as been a part of my life my many years and have been lucky to have gained the following within the field

    Sports and Fitness Degree

    Kinesiology Degree

    Nutritional and sports Science Masters

    Sports Nutritional science

    Diploma level 3 Fitness and Personal Training.

    I have been a life long natural bodybuilder as past of the NPA and looking forward to show in 2015 where I will be competing in the Masters class.

    WOW that’s a lot sorry
    but even if you only have time for a few point for me to talk about would love to be on the show and talk to you…will be a blast and having listened to the show for so long would be out of this world to say that i have been a guest on the show.

    Over the past year i have been very lucky to have been on a few podcast here are the links to the ones that i have been on so you can get a feel.


    Great to be a guest on the show with @jamesswanwick today. Learn the best and worst times to eat #carbs Here: http://bit.ly/1tYPE44

    Hopefully they work …had a great time doing the podcast and lots of fun

    My latest podcast guest appearance is out on iTunes today

    Thanks for your time in reading the e-mail and anytime that you may have for me i can make sure that im around

    All the very Best


  19. Stephanie,

    I am so grateful to you. Your podcasts have helped me tremendously. My story with food and body has been long, tumultuous, and full of hatred and desperation. Your wisdom and insight into the thought processes of the chronic restrictor, overexerciser and binge eater resonate so much with my experience. Your approach to paleo is very helpful for someone who comes from a restrictive/ anorexic background. Instead of some primal approaches yours makes me feel safe and that I am allowed to eat carbs!…. I think eating disorders are very common in the paleo sphere and the consant “optimization” can lead to obsessive behaviors around food. Thank for keepin’ it real. And healthy. Especially for women like me who need to be supported and not told to constantly push past and muscle through with more exercise and less food.

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