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Why Balanced Hydration is Important

I've occasionally seen a somewhat disturbing idea in the paleo community about water. There's an idea that we should "eat" most of our water through fresh fruits and vegetables and neglect the actual drinking of water, only drinking when we feel thirsty. While I'm...

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How to Camp Paleo

I saw a facebook video the other day talking about Japanese Forest Bathing and how it had been shown to improve health and well being, even without any form of exercise. The personal experience of myself and many friends and relatives can confirm this anecdotally....

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Filet Mignon with Shiitake Mushrooms Recipe

Today ButcherBox is sharing a super yummy recipe with us! They're also offering us an AMAZING deal this week, so scroll down below to find out more or click here.  One of the things I LOVE about Butcher box is that its not all ground meat and cheap cuts. You often get...

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