Two very exciting things today!!

First, I am giving away ONE 1 year free subscription and TWO 3 month free subscriptions to the Paleo Living Magazine App Paleo Living, recently initiated and choc full of articles, audio bits from, and Skype interviews with Paleo bigwigs such as Mark SissonDallas and Melissa HartwigAbel JamesDean DwyerChris KresserThe Paleo Parents, and more (myself included!).

Investigate and download the app here.  In the most recent issue, the magazine focuses on the differences between men and women’s hormones.  Hooray!

The task: Share your story with the community.  Write it in one sentence, in one paragraph, or in one essay.   Whatever you think is most appropriate.  Then put it in two places:  FIRST, head over to the Kickass Womanhood Forums and enter the Sharing your Journey section of the forum.   Open a new thread, include GIVEAWAY in the title, and share the story there.  Second, if you like, you may paste it in the comments below.

The prizes:  

First prize is a 1 year subscription to the Magazine.

First and second runner-ups get 3 months free!

The secret prize:  If you write a story I am personally compelled by, I will invite you to be on the Live. Love. Eat. podcast.

How I’m picking the winners:  It’s gotta be random.  How  can I judge someone based on the quality of their experience, or evaluate the quality of their story based on their writing technique?   BUT of course a compelling story and a willingness to engage us always has the possibility to lead down exciting avenues such as being on the podcast.


Secondly, I am running a donation drive for the Paleo for Women community.

We need your support in order move forward, we really do.  This community depends upon the vibrancy of all of us working together, in whichever ways we can.  I could not do any of this without you, nor could I thank you enough for your help, and your continued love and support.  Anything you’d like to give would be an enormous gift to the community.

To donate, select a donation amount and follow through to Paypal.




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