I have been thinking about how we emphasize diet above all when it comes to health. We often forget the other underlying items that can affect our well-being.

Like our environments! Something like 90% of our lives is spent inside. Which is pretty sad when you think about it. But with work and home life, it is really easy to see how that time inside adds up.

There is, with all actuality, a sick building syndrome. A legitimate illness caused by no other reason then the buildings we inhabit, AKA -the amount of toxins and gross crap hanging out in building materials.

Why do we always forget about our natural environments? Our relationship with food is pretty intimate; we are ingesting food every day. But what about the other intimate objects in our lives, like our bedrooms!

I won’t travel into a tangent, BUT I do want to emphasize that health is best approached holistically. If we can examine all items in our life as a whole, and how they integrate with each other, we can start to gain a new perspective on our wellbeing.

Need a few suggestions on basic things you can do to improve your indoor environments? Check out the best paleo ways to purify your space, below.


1) Plants :

Biophilia is the scientific term for the positive effects nature can have on our mood, sleep quality and health.  Locate several plants around your space to not only physically purify the air but improve your mood.


My faves :  

  • Snake Plant
  • Spider Plant
  • Bamboo Palm
  • Dracena Plant

Snake plants and Dracena plants are both toxic to cats though, so tread carefully if you have fur babies!

2) Air Filter :

This guy can reduce particulates by up to 70% in smaller rooms. This is a cost effective option for an air purifier, so if you are looking to place a filter in a larger space you may want to consider something more like this Conway Filter. Or, go with good old fashioned #3, below.

3) Open up the Windows :

I ALWAYS have a window cracked through every season – no matter how cold it is! I find something so insanely comforting about fresh air, and it also keeps the air circulating throughout the space.

4) Natural Room Spray :

When you need something a little louder in scent than fresh air, a subtle room spray can make your space feel like new. I recommend still keeping your windows open though instead of just masking stagnant air with room spray. Try this Flower Power Scent Spray, that comes in lavender, lemongrass, and citrus and spice.

5) Clean your space : Vacuum often!

This is by far my least favorite tip as I dread the annoying weekly clean up. This is also why I try to live more of a minimalist lifestyle; the less objects you own, the less you have to clean :P. By vacuuming and mopping once a week you are eliminating toxins that can make you feel like crap.

6) Non-Toxic Cleaning Products :

This one is a pretty simple suggestion. Things like hand soap, body wash, and laundry detergent make contact with our skin everyday. By swapping them out with a more paleo, natural option is an easy way to get rid of unwanted/unneeded chemical crap.


  •  Fave Hand Soap – Method Naturally Derived Foaming Soap doesn’t contain parabens, phthalates, triclosan, or EDTA, is safe for kids to use and never tested on animals. And it comes in a ton of delicious scents.  


  • Fave Overall Soap/ Cleaning product – Dr Bronner’s Castille Soap– This soap can be used as a base to dish soap, hand soap, body wash, and so many other cleaners. Dr. Bronner’s soap also comes in a variety of flavors, and unscented. I bought a bottle of this 2 years ago ambitiously thinking I was going to start making my own soap (lol), and haven’t even cracked a ¼ of the bottle because it is so highly concentrated. Find it on Amazon, here.

  • Fave laundry detergent, PuracyThis stuff is cool because it’s SUPER concentrated.  One tiny bottle does 96 loads, so it’s great if you’ve got a small space and want to cut down on waste.  

Not only is it sulfate free but it uses plant based enzymes to break down and clean stains.  Puracy is hypoallergenic, child and pet friendly, and it is great for sensitive skin.The free and clear scent is obviously scent-free, but they also make a sandalwood and rose smell!

Find it on Amazon here.

( Check out more of my fave natural laundry detergents, here)

I want to emphasize that it doesn’t take a super expensive filter or solution to purify your space. You can start small, integrating natural cleaning products first. It is amazing what an effect these things can do to help you start to feel brighter and maybe breathe a little easier.

My favorite go to recommendation is always getting plants in your space. Having a cute little tropical plant next to my desk always makes me feel a bit better – especially if I have a long night of work ahead of me.

Do you have any other recommendations for purifying your space? Let me know in the comments below!

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