The holidays are coming and I’m all about stocking stuffers!

And all of you, my natural health loves, are totally into giving paleo-fied gifts, I know.

We’re always looking for new suggestions for great things to get the other health conscious people in our lives so today I have a great suggestion!

Zak’s deodorant!

I know I’ve written about several other great deodorants, and there are many out there, just check out this post!

But what I love about Zak’s is they have a really great UNSCENTED deodorant!

Many of you, including myself, have super sensitive skin and are very sensitive to fragrance as well. 

Some can’t even tolerate certain essential oils, which are often used in natural deodorants.

The oils and scents can cause headaches, skin rashes, and other issues in those with high levels of sensitivity. 

But this unscented deodorant is truly unscented and pure.

I tried it for a couple weeks and it doesn’t bother my nose or my skin at all!

Zak’s unscented uses a coconut oil base and organic, plant-based ingredients and contains no aluminum, parabens, or propylene glycol.  

If you are concerned about excessive heavy metals, parabens, or any of the other range of chemicals, additives, and preservatives found in drugstore deodorants, this is a great option.

Re-application is one of the necessary evils with natural health deodorants since they often just don’t have the stay power that the commercial products have.

Which is one of the reasons why many don’t bother switching to more natural options at all.

But Zak’s deodorant lasts a really long time for a natural deodorant.  

I personally tried this myself for a week and I didn’t feel like I needed to reapply too often, most days I just wore it through the day.

Granted, it is a bit cooler out, so in summer you might have to re-apply, but I felt like the stay-power of this stuff was pretty great.

And right now, for a limited time, Zak’s is offering 20% off their product on their website.  Just use code: ZAKPFW at checkout at the Zak Body store here

You can also buy it on Amazon here, if you’d like to use your Prime membership and get it super quick!

If you aren’t sensitive to fragrances, they’ve got some lovely smelling stuff as well.  I highly encourage you to check out their website or search them on Amazon!

Soon I’ll be publishing my picks for 2016’s best Paleo Christmas gifts and I’d love to hear from you about what you’d like to see on the list!

What do you plan to put in stockings this year?



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