This week I was enormously honored to be the guest on Abel James’s show, Fat Burning Man: Real Food, Real Results.

I first met Abel at AHS this past weekend, but he and I had begun scheming just days beforehand, hoping to bring even more life to the discussion of sex-specific differences to diet and health.  I was blown away by the depth of his earnestness and the strength of his passion and practices, though running in circles like the AHS crowd I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised.

In all cases, it’s a big honor to work with him, and I recommend checking out his site if you’re looking for discussions of all things paleo, weight-loss, etc.  You understand.  His show kicks ass, you kick ass.  You’ll probably get along well together.

In the show we talk about fasting, of course, the healthiest and easiest ways for women to lose weight, lessons on self-love learned from living in the wilderness, the whole notion of an “ideal” body, and some of the most important and efficacious ways to get over body image issues.


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