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sexy by nature preview

Sexy by Nature Preview, Q&A, and giveaway of five free signed copies!

As of writing this post, there are exactly twenty days left until Sexy by Nature is released!

I also got about $2000 worth of books shipped to my house last week – and then took them all back to the post office for delivery to media outlets and bloggers all over the country today. That was one of the more fun trips to the Post Office I (and the employees) have ever had.

Having had my hands on it, I am so in love and feel so greedy.

Greedy, as in, I want to buy all of them myself and then give them all away to you for having been the best audience and community in the history of the planet.

Which I am going to try to do. I am giving away five free signed copies – details for entry are at the end of the post!

In between here and there is a quick preview in text and vlog form and a Sexy by Nature Q & A!

sexy by nature amazon


When I first opened the package I received in the mail containing book #1, I had no idea what was inside it. I hadn’t known it was coming. I was shocked. Speechless. Incredulous. Ohmigod I made this thing.

Immediately following the paralysis were all the usual emotional suspects: excitement laced with fear, visions of it on shelves, and intense foreboding as I knew that the second I opened it I would see nothing but flaws.

Book image, I thought, is a whole hell of a lot like body image.

Nonetheless I pushed forward and… nothing bad happened.

In fact, lots of good things happened.

Sure, I see a thing here or there I’d like to tweak, but overall, I am psyched with what we’ve put together. So psyched. This book is… well, it’s good. Damn good. I couldn’t put it down once I picked it up. I read it twice. Call me a first class ass, but it’s true. I think my book does some very powerful things.

Here is my first day with the book and a preview in vlog form!




Sexy by Nature Q & A

What is Sexy by Nature?

Sexy by Nature is, much like this website, three things:

1) a guide to physical health for women of all ages, shapes, and levels of health (think: weight maintenance, hormone balance, clear skin, fertility),

2) a guide to mental invincibility, self-love, and empowered confidence, and

3) a revolution, in that it calls women to own, love, and be allied with their natural bodies in a radically new and powerful way.

What is the purpose of Sexy by Nature?

The purpose of Sexy by Nature is to empower you. It’s to throw off the chains of the old ways of doing things and to free you to love and nourish your body. It is to heal you, transform your health, help you love your body, and become more excited every day to be the woman inside it.

How is Sexy by Nature organized? What do you talk about?

Approximately 2/3 of Sexy by Nature is all about physiological healing.

The other 1/3 is the mental, social-norm bucking, self-loving stuff.

Sexy by Nature is divided into five distinct parts:

Part I: Trailblaze (in which 7 “old rules” are discarded in favor of 7 kick ass “new” or “nature” rules)

Part II: Nourish (in which I explain my food philosophy, why its different from other health advocates, and what to eat and why)

Part III: Live (in which ten lifestyle hacks for better health and happiness are provided)

Part IV: Overcome (in which female specific health issues are discussed: hypothyroidism, female weight loss, PCOS, infertility, hormone balance, libido, acne, PMS, cramps, birth control, and more)

And Part V: Strut (in which I detail my philosophy of self-love, how to achieve self-love, the secret to being sexy, what sexy is, fearlessness, empowered confidence, and more)

Click here to read the table of contents!

What is the secret to being sexy?

I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but let it stand for now that sexy is about excitement. It’s about partnership with your body. It’s about health. It’s about worth. And being sexy…. you own it, and manifest it, you become it, all by being…


Who you choose to be.

Is Sexy by Nature really only for women/females?

No, actually.

I wrote this book with women in mind, certainly. I am a champion of the need to take female-specific health issues seriously. But:

A) if there is a woman in your life, or you ever interact with women, this could be a great read to understand how to help empower and love and heal them, and

B) if you ignore Part IV: Overcome, the one on female-specific health issues, you can learn about healing, about food, about lifestyle, about social norms, and about the way society has kept everybody from loving and being whole, not just those who define themselves as traditionally female and womanly.

Can I trust the author of Sexy by Nature?


Can I read more about the book elsewhere?

Yes. You can read most of the introduction to the book at this blog post, and you can also read the entire introduction and part of Chapter 1 on the Amazon page here.

Is there a community of support for people interested in the book and implementing the changes for Sexy by Nature?

You bet! Sexy by Nature and all of its things – from health tips to inspiration quotes to success stories – can be found at the Sexy by Nature facebook page here.

Where can I get my hands on one if I don’t win the giveaway?

At Amazon HERE.



All right ladies, here goes! Good luck and have fun!

Fullscreen capture 2014-02-26 PM 015655.bmp


And if you already pre-ordered a copy, it’s easy peasy for my publisher to go in and cancel the order. So enter away! Nothing to stop you here.

Plus I really, really want to hear why you love your body!!!


Personally, I am Stefani Ruper, and I love my body because it gives me feet for dancing, hair that can be whipped about in the wind, and all the serotonin and dopamine I need in order to experience love and life.



So, just as a heads up - some links above may be my affiliate links, which means I get a small commission if you click on it and make a purchase. Doing so is no additional cost to you, but helps me tremendously. Your support is SO greatly appreciated, so thank you in advance if you choose to do so. Check out my entire disclosure to know exactly how things work.

Managing director of Paleo for Women and author of Sexy by Nature.


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  3. I love my body because, even though I didn’t start using it much until shortly before I turned 30, and all I ever used to do was sit around and read books or go on the computer, it has nonetheless learned to shimmy, to hip drop, hip lift, hip circle, and hip slide, to undulate, body wave, belly pop, and maya, and many other lovely and crazy belly dance moves — sometimes more than one at once! I love my body for being able to learn these things, moreso because I didn’t believe it could.

  4. I love my body because even after all the abuse it’s been through it responds beautifully to getting healthy again.

  5. I love my body because after 30+ years, she can still surprise me with the adorbs booty she just manifested after decades of flatness.

    (Seriously, every time I turn sideways in front of the mirror in ballet, I think “oh, HELLO, where did you come from?” The answer is probably loaded squats.)

  6. Being a woman of substance (in the medical world I am considered morbidly obese), I have struggled with loving myself. I have come to except that I was uniquely made by God and need to love me, for me. Now I don’t think God intended for me to abuse the vessel he gave me and I am working on making my body healthy and strong. But along that journey I am learning to love my body and all that I am.

  7. I love my body ’cause it is perfectly squishy
    From my boobies to my tushy
    It gets me where I wanna go
    With hips that move to and fro
    My body tells me what it needs
    Like water and sleep and time for feeds
    It can lift some heavy things
    It has a beautiful voice that sings
    Oh, body, how I love you so
    I’m glad we’re friends, I hope you know

  8. I love my body, because it’s MY body! It’s my interface with the world around me, and enables me to explore and understand my universe. Only my body can do that for me, so even though it’s not a perfect body by society’s standards, it’s my lovely, wonderful, miraculous, beautiful body that I love living in!

  9. I love my body because I have carried and birthed two amazing babies from it. It is a soft (and a tad squishy 😉 comfort for both them and my husband. I love it because it is strong and it is mine and my families.

  10. I love my body because it carries over dirt, water and snow and it even propels me through the water. It’s happy to wake, and thankful to rest and ecstatic when I feed it delicious food.

    It my mind and heart’s best companion and I love it.

  11. I love my body because it can achieve miracles!
    I have numerous health issues, and at times it feels like my body is working against me. But then I got pregnant! It actually started already when I gave up the pill before we started trying. My body woke up! I felt my female body in a whole new way! Sex was actually something to be enjoyed! And being pregnant? Finally something my body did well… unaided by medicine. Besides from some minor pelvic issues near the end, being pregnant was something I could do with my body without feeling wrong or broken. The birth of my daughter was no picnic, I’ll admit that, but she is the wonderous living proof of what the female body is capable of!

  12. I love my body because it’s the most important possession that I’ve ever been gifted. I can take it anywhere, it’s reliable (and when it’s not, it’s because I haven’t been a good owner), it’s beautiful to behold, it can do amazing things (kartwheels! awkward positions in chairs!) and it loves me back when I truly remember to love it and appreciate it for all of its immense worth. 🙂

  13. I love my body because after putting it through over exercising, anorexia, and eating only 600 calories a day while running 6 miles, it did not fail me. It endured through everything I put it through and continues to recover and get me through each and everyday without grudge, forgiving me for all I put it through.

  14. I love my body because it is a gift of life to me..allowing me to move through/taste/touch/see/smell this amazing world around me. And, my body provided me the gift of creating life within me and transporting life through me in the conception and birth of my 2 girls!

  15. I love my body because it is the vessel through which I experience myself and the world around me. Its talents and challenges give me lots of opportunities to experience different thoughts, feelings, and physical pleasures and pains.
    A big congratulations on the book, Stefani! I love your blog (and recent vlogs!), and I’m very happy for you.

  16. I love my body because its beautiful, powerful and all mine.

  17. I love my body because I am finally realizing its value and starting to revitalize it! I have had health problems my whole life and hormonal issues since my cycle started. I was diagnosed with a pituitary tumor two years ago and recently adrenal fatigue; these diagnoses have made me realize the value if health and the importance of stress reduction and nutrition! I love my body because I believe it will heal and I am finally learning to truly take care of and appreciate it!

  18. I love my body because it has rocked at CrossFit, contains all the knowledge I’ve accumulated in my 27 years, already has wrinkles from smiling too much, and looks sexy in skinny jeans!

  19. I love my body because it is strong. My body can lift heavy things all on its own, it can open jars all on its own, it can hold a 4 minute plank all on its own, it can put suitcases overhead all on its own, and it can give bear hugs all on its own.

  20. I love my body because it is the only thing I have that is truly all mine.

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  22. I am so exited! Can’t wait for that books!

  23. I love my body because it is not perfect, my body and I argue from time to time but we do try to work out the differences. I want to run in the snow and make snow men, my feet have not the strength. I want to dance in a club, my body can not follow the beat. We have agreed to sit together and look at other ppl do the things we can not, and enjoy the world differently, but with a smile. We, my beautiful body and I, are together no matter what and we will always love one another, and take care of one another <3

  24. I love my body because not only is it the sum of my experiences, but also I was able to create two wonderful boys and nourish them for a combined total of 6.5 years of constant nursing. (The hormone balancing act after weaning two years ago is still going on, I think!)

  25. I love my body because it is perfectly imperfect.

  26. I’m so happy for you! So many congratulations for your book and it’s undoubted future success!

    I’m Megan and I love my body because it gives me arms to hug and hold the ones I love, legs for traveling to my loved ones when they aren’t near, and memories to cherish for the ones who’ve passed away.

    Thank you again Stefani for all you do.

  27. I love love love your blog and have shared with friends! Thank you so much for everything you write.

    I love my body because of all the amazing things it can do. Hiking up mountains for miles, lifting weighs, dancing, rock climbing, (I’m a little active lol) all the hormones that allow me to enjoy everything I do so much! I’m learning everyday that weight doesn’t matter; it’s how you feel (and no one judges you like you judge yourself).

  28. You girl, you amaze me. Seriously. So much of what you say pulls at the little delicate heart strings. I warn you in advance… but you asked so you shall receive.

    I love my body because it’s relentlessly forgiving. Some days I just want to scream at it for being so amazing while other days, for being so freaking frustrating and not at all what I want. Above all though, I wonder; why are you still here and why haven’t you abandoned me and given up on me altogether? Alas, it has been wanting to teach me a few things. Like how to care. How to love. How to forgive. How to be me. And so here it is and here I am. It still stands and it stands strong. Like a pillar of 5″11 pure awesomeness. I’ve come to realize that there is no ‘it’ and ‘me’. We are one. That is all.

  29. Very exciting! I’ve never commented before but I’ve been meaning to for a long time. Your blog is amazing; you have a totally different paleo approach to so many people out there and it’s really inspiring and comforting.
    I love my body because I am able to laugh and laughter has been the one thing that has been so, so healing to me.

  30. I am so excited about your book! Many congratulations and I hope you are enjoying every much-deserved second.

    I love my body because it has been with me always, though it has changed. I can see my life reflected through it – where I have been and where I can go. It is a fighter, just like me, and I love it most for that.

  31. Oooh so excited about your book and to find out about all your juicy insights!!

    I love my body because it is sensual, sexy and curvy. It is the gift that was given to me in this life to experience the physical path. I love the insights it gives me, the messages it shares with me and its ability to know something aint quite right before my brain does!! I love my body for choosing my Spirit to encase within it… I love my body because it makes up… ME! xx

    Soooo loved writing that as a deep, conscious reminder of the love I actually do have for my body 😉 x

  32. …because after 20 years of starving it, I am still alive. It has forgiven me and keeps me going every day.

  33. i love my body because its mine. My youngest daughter apologized to me once because “she ruined my stomach” i laughed and told her she gave me something to look at and think how much i love her every day. Big thighs, stretch marks, wrinkles, grey hair …..its me and i love it.

  34. My name is Lauren and I love my body because after a devastating miscarriage it over came the odds and carried a full term beautiful baby, endured 32 hours of labour, an emergency c section and provided my daughter her sole nourishment for six months and continues to feed her now.

  35. I love my body because it is all natural and beautiful!

  36. I love my body because it’s the only place I have to live! It treats me well when I treat it well, and it has taught me valuable lessons that I wouldn’t have learned otherwise without having celiac disease and hypothyroidism, namely to live Paleo. My body is strong, and it enables me to help my elderly patients at the skilled nursing facility where I provide physical therapy. I am able to catch people and prevent them from falling, help them get in and out of bed, and learn how to walk again. It has also allowed me to become a massage therapist to help relieve pain, emotional and physical, in other bodies.

  37. I love my body because we have been through so much together and all of my vital parts are fine. My body bore my son and sent him to Heaven, and got me through preeclampsia mostly unscathed. I love my curves and my flaws. My body has so many anomalies and unusual conditions and it fascinates me.

  38. I love my body because after years of fighting it, punishing it, name-calling it, starving it, and then stuffing it full to the point of sickness it has always stayed with him keeping me alive and healthy to the best of its ability and thus has accepted me unconditionally.

  39. I love my body because after 6 years of unsuccessfully trying to get pregnant; after diagnoses like PCOS, irreversible tube blockage, Endometriosis, and a brain tumour; after years of eating healthy and giving it all of the good things that it could ever want or need; and after creating my webpage to help others struggling to be good to their bodies…my body has given me the gift of life. I love my body.

  40. I love my body because, with the right nourishment and movement, it can heal itself from the years of abuse I gave it.

  41. I love my body because…I am strong, I am invincible, I am woman!

  42. I love my body because it carried my baby as well as it could. We both survived in the end, both with a few battle scars, but we survived. I’m so grateful for the life my body created and for my breasts which sustain said life. Thank you body for doing your best!

  43. I love my body because it’s my body. And that’s reason enough to love it, cherish it, care for it, listen to it, take care of it, and nourish it.

  44. I love my body because I have put it through so much! Two kids..Two ACL replacements (one on each knee) many fad diets, depression, professional bellydancing, and many attempt at staying consistent with the gym. Through all of that my body is still hanging in there..still mine..and still allowing me to get back on track. I have cried over the failures and rejoiced over the accomplishments. So with that being said..it’s my job to continue to learn what is a danger and what is good for my body..it deserves at least that 🙂

  45. Hey I’m Dania, I’m 14 and I love my body because it stays with me through thick and thin. Because it’s the only thing that moves and dances on command. Because it communicates with me patiently even when I ignore it, and most of all because it’s beautiful and it’s mine.

  46. I love my 48+ year old body because it’s the only one I have! It’s been through six pregnancies and births, a few surgeries, many illnesses, and is still strong and healthy and responsive to the care I have just now in mid-life learned to give it!

  47. I love my body because: after 9 years (at least) of undiagnosed Celiac disease, two children born, postpartum depression, and a host of other issues; when I figured out how to feed my body what it needs, it healed my body, brain, and heart. It continues to surprise me and respond to my tweaks, either positively or negatively, so that I continue to learn how to best feed myself. Thanks for the opportunity!!

  48. I love my body because it is unique!

  49. I love my body because it has been so forgiving and resilient over many years of self abuse. My body is able to give me feedback constantly about the things that I do to it that it likes and doesn’t like.
    My body is stronger,healthier and sexier at 39 than it was at 29…..that’s the coolest thing!

  50. I love my body because it continually amazes me with its ability to do things doctors said would never be possible, because it lets me do things I love, because its ability to heal surprises and delights me, and because it’s mine!

  51. I love my body because a disembodied brain would just be awkward. 🙂

    http://www.zombieapocalypseacademy.org – 320 × 248

  52. Like most women, loving my body does not come easy! Even after years of a gradual climb to mental and physical health looking in the mirror and loving who I see is tough.
    However, I DO love my body. I love my body because it’s mine. It’s tells a story of who I am and where I’ve been. I love my body because it’s a personal design by God my creator and was made in such an awesome way that when I love it, it loves me back.
    There’s already enough hate in the world- By loving myself I hope I can spread a bit more light to those around me; after all, who couldn’t use a bit more love?

  53. I love my body because despite pushing it in every way possible, 3 surgeries, years of mistreating it….my body has grown two of the most beautiful children in the world and soon to be a third 🙂 The older I get the wiser I become and I will continually be in search for ways to help, improve, nourish and care for my beatiful body.

  54. I love my body because it carries me through every day. It moves, digests, performs it’s functions no matter what I feed it. I love that my body is strong enough to carry my 5 year old daughter, throw her around, carry her and her friends on my back and play horse. I love that I can run on my treadmill, do resistance training, and yoga. I sleep well. I have not always felt this way and am working to accept a 20 lb weight gain after going paleo. I now eat grains in limited quantities, mostly because I prefer starchy vegetables to grains (but NO gluten, ew). I am learning to let go of control and let my body heal the way it needs to. I am grateful my body is so smart! By giving it a chance to do what it needs to do, 18 months later it’s finally starting to let go of the weight! 1 lb at a time and one inch at a time! My body is AMAZING and I love that it’s mine!

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  56. I love my body because, despite all of my misguided attempts to whip it into the arbitrarily defined “ideal shape” I believed was necessary for me to be worthy of love and respect, it stuck by me. Several strokes with death did not faze it; it continues to send me loving, heartfelt entreaties to embrace this partnership, body and soul together, and take joy in that. I love my body because it is my home, and it has never given up on me!

  57. I love my body because it conceived, nourished and protected for 9 months each and then gave birth to two amazing sons who are now the most amazing young men I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing (18 and 20 years old).

  58. I love my body because of what it can do!

  59. I love my body because it always tells the truth.

  60. I love my body because I’ve never been happier, healthier, or more confident in it than I am now, despite all my perceived flaws.

  61. I love my body because it’s tough and strong and resilient. I come from a long line of stout -strong bodied and strong – willed people. Where’s my grass fed elk ?

  62. I love my body because it gave birth to 3 healthy kids, and is able to take care of them!

  63. I love my body because I now realize its sheer strength, adaptability, complexity and beauty. I used to be overweight, with tons of medical issues (PCOS being one of them) and would lament having this body, a body that didn’t do all the things ‘normal’ bodies do. I embraced the Paleo lifestyle and while my physique got better and some of my PCOS symptoms cleared up, I still felt sad, alone, and lacked self esteem. I found Stefani this past summer, almost a full year into my Paleo journey, and followed her recommendations for combating PCOS. Within the first week, I felt as if a cloud had been lifted from over my eyes. I remember texting my sister Ffor some reason, I just feel so happy. I actually love myself”. She immediately called me, because growing up, I was often saying things like “I hate myself”, “I’m so ugly”, “I wish I were never born”. I feel as if a new life has been breathed into me. When I cook healthy meals, I marvel at the hands that made it, the tongue that allows me to enjoy it, and the nourishment it’s giving my body and soul. When I lift heavy weights, I am astounded at my muscles, bones, and joints. When I take a test and get an A, I thank my brain. And when I wake up each morning, I am grateful.

  64. I love my body because I am a woman. It has taken me a long time to own that, that I’m no longer an awkward girl, but a beautiful, and sexy woman inside and out. I love having a butt and boobs, and brown hair and brown eyes, and I love eating foods that treat my body like a temple. I used to hate that I wasn’t a tall, skinny blonde, but now I’d hate to be anything else other than myself. I am content. I am happy. I am beautiful.

  65. I love my body because, first of all, it is the only one that I have. What I do with it will be the relationship with how I look and feel both physically and emotionally. It is what carries me through the day. I know it needs improvement but for now I’m okay with how it looks. The lifestyle changes I’m making will take time to take effect. But life is a journey that is not accomplished overnight. Any improvements that occur are part of that journey and I will relish each of them along the way.

  66. I love my body because it has, and continues to carry me through life strongly and beautifully. It’s allowed me to run numerous races, pick up my beautiful godchildren and nephew, and carried me halfway across the world for work. I continue to beat it up with workouts and knee surgeries (two), but it keeps on going. My body is strong and beautiful…that’s why I love it.

  67. I love my body because – it has been my home for 46 years, carried 8 babies – and loved my hubby thru it all. I am thankful that he has loved me thru several sizes (including inflation and deflation of breasts) and all – Can’t say he’s ever been bored in 26 years of marriage! LOL! We are on our way to a healthier body (both of us) – changing eating habits and exercising – another “new” me on the way!!

  68. I live my body because it is healing and changing from the inside out. I love my femininity that has come from my increased health. And I live this blog for pointing out things that other paleo blogs missed; this blog was what I was missing on my quest for health. Thank you so much for what you do Stefani!

  69. I love my body because it got me thru 23 years of extreme child abuse, it survived 8 years of homelessness, and now at 31 years old, my body is still fighting to survive huge health complications, outsmarting every medical verdict and diagnosis ever given to me, my body is the bravest thing I know, and finally ready now to rest and recover and heal. Thru your work Stephani, I am learning to see my body as the incredible wise friend it has always been. I promise to give my body the gentle love and care it so deserves!!!
    Thank you Stephani for showing the way!!!!

  70. I love my body because, I have been through a lot of with it. I have beaten it up, pampered it, cut it, drew some really cool $h*t on it, taken it places it should have never been, places it loved and wants to go back to, been high and low with it both physically and geographically, and it still gives me all I need when I ask it do it. I have learned to love my body more, lately and accept it for where it is now because I know more for having gone through it all.

  71. I love my body because it sweats un-apologetically as it carries me through workouts, it lets me achieve bizarre yoga poses that I never could have imagined doing 5 months ago, and it forgives me for the pruning and anxious attempts to tame it.

    Most of all, it will help me achieve whatever my mind can dream up — be that hiking past the clouds, seeing the world, giving birth, pushing through long and tiring days, hugging the people I love and smiling as much as possible.

  72. I have learned to love my body even though I used to hate it. I used to think that my body betrayed me because it didn’t fit in the clothes I thought it should and because it didn’t elicit the “correct” response from people. My thighs laughed at me every time I tried to squeeze them into size 6 pants (and I thought they were fat). I used to punish my body and purge it of my “sins” in order to stay in a size that I was okay with. And then one day, while doing yoga and trying to tune into my body, she asked me what I was doing to her, why I was hurting her. I thought about quitting yoga because it was becoming too froo-froo for me, but I kept going and slowly was transformed. My thighs didn’t change size, but they were no longer fat; they were strong, allowing me to flow through poses (and life) with ease. I recognized and sought help for my eating disorder and began a journey that will never end that teaches me daily about my amazing body.

    I love my body because she never gave up on me. She accepted my abuse and waited for the right time to tell me that I needed to stop hurting myself. I love my body because “she” is me and I am a strong, beautiful woman who is and always was a force to be reckoned with. I got lost a little bit along the way to this realization, but that detour taught me to love and trust my body. And if I just slow down to listen, she’ll point me in the right direction.

  73. I love my body because it’s healthy, it gave me two healthy and beautiful children, and it’s the instrument with which I experience life. My body has eyes to see all the beauty of a sunset, ears that listen to music or the laughter of children, a mouth which I have tasted all types of flavors, and skin that I have used to touch and felt the touch of others. It has taken me places, felt the warmth of many hugs, and allowed my to dance. My body has given me every physical experience that I have ever known.

  74. I love my 52 year old body because of it’s resiliency. In my teen years I suffcaused severe from environmental illness.
    In my twenties, I was a ballerina and theatre technie.
    In my thirties, I contracted the HIV virus. I worked as an AIDS activist until my first round of anti-viral meds caused severe liver damage. My body bounced back and my viral load has been undetectable for 10+ years. In my forties I had to have part of my bowel removed because of diverticulitus. I lost 70 pounds and nearly died. I had a colostomy for six months. The scar tissue forced me to have to have a total hysterectomy. And I developed Fibromyalgia.
    I started the Paleo lifestyle in July. I have reversed my Fibromyalgia and I can’t sit still. I am busy. I am getting stronger everyday. And most of all,
    I’m grateful for the amazing strength of just body to overcome everything.

  75. I love my body because it carried 2 beautiful babies, when I thought I would never be able to have children.

  76. I love my body because it bounces back.

  77. I love my body and am grateful for its patience – for me to figure out we are a team, we are one and not separate. My body and I have been through a lot together. As a child I loved how my body and I could use the monkey bars and play tetherball at school. We drew pictures, learned math (and loved it!), and ran around the playground. Soon after that, I was uncomfortable and insecure. My body wasn’t, and did it’s best through the abuse I put it through. I’m in my 30s now, and we’re finally becoming a team again. I love my body for never giving up on me and for always being willing to welcome me back with open arms (literally and figuratively!). My body continues to do its best, and the rest of me is finally on board with that plan. We are one again! <3 Our joint healing journey is no where near complete, but we'll continue this journey *together*!

  78. it is fabulous and all it asks in return is that I look after it. A paleo lifestyle has my body working to be the best ever

  79. I love my body because she gave me life, even when I thought I did not want it anymore. My body gave me my son, who I adore with all of my being. My body survived 3 decades of bulimia. I love my body because she takes me on trails to run, sweat and breathe hard. I love my body because she lets me express my love, she cries my tears of joy and sadness equally. I love my body because she gets fired up with lust, love, and everything in between. I love my body because she is still as much an expression of me as the day I was born. I love my body because when I do, she loves me right back!!

  80. I love my body because it has grown and nourished and nursed 3 children. My 3rd child, my son sustained massive brain injury at 5 weeks of age. His medical needs lead me to an amazing journey of health and learning how eating whole healthy foods impacts our brain and every part of our selves. My son’s unique medical needs led me to learning to love and care for my body as well as his. I have to stay healthy and strong to be able to care for him. My body has responded amazingly to good food and has given me strength in this journey of life. Strength to be a strong advocate and caregiver to my precious son.

  81. I love my body because, it gave me my precious son. Even though it (and sometimes him) are uncooperative and need babying, I still love them both very much!!

  82. I love my body because it is mine, and it has accomplished so much more than I ever dreamed possible. It has been fit, less-than-fit, carried a beautiful baby, endured many trials, and continues to keep going. It is uniquely mine, and I love it!

  83. I love my body for its hearing, sight, smell and taste.

  84. I love my body because…

    I was sick and tired of hating it. Even after years of abuse and starvation, critiques and failings, it has stayed strong enough to go adventuring around the world, swim oceans and climb mountains, love and be loved, nourished back to health, and knit together a baby which it has fed and comforted. I love my body because my life is written out in its every wrinkle and dimple and fold, and I love my life.

  85. I love my body because it an amazing machine that has nurtured four amazingly wonderful children. My body has endured many abuses over the years, and until recently I didn’t believe it was beautiful. As my kids have grown and the thought of quickly approaching 40, I finally see how wonderfully amazing my body is. I strive every day to keep it healthy and physically fit so I can have another 40+ years to enjoy this amazing gift I have been given.

  86. I love my body because it’s a great dance partner!

  87. I love my body because it has done everything I’ve asked of it over the years. It became fit and sleek when I competitively swam as a teenager, it kept going when I didn’t know I was constantly abusing it in my 20’s (poor diet, lots of partying etc), became a 5 star hotel for my beautiful twins and it’s working with me now that I’ve hit the fantastic forties.
    We are working a lot more cohesively together now that we’ve worked out the best way to look after each other and I know I still rock my favourite dresses that might be 10 years old because my husband tells me I’m still the sexiest woman he’s ever seen and I actually believe him now and I feel it in myself.
    So thanks Stefani for providing this opportunity to explore feelings about the most important thing in a woman’s life…and thankyou body. x

  88. I love my body because it is a gift. It has provided a home for my beautiful children after I was told I couldn’t carry a child. It has provided me the opportunity to dance and perform and play. My body has many flaws, but my husband and children love me despite these flaws. I try everyday to improve the body I’ve been given since it’s the only one I will ever have.

  89. I love my body because no matter what it looks like it is the perfect vessel for love – loving life, loving the moment, loving people, loving it all.

  90. I love my body because, after several years of over-abuse for the pleasure of my dancer’s ego, it is still willing to work with me as I begin to heal through internal awareness and physical therapies, which allows me the relief to continue hiking and gardening. This young capsule for my old soul is doing well :}

  91. I love my body because it has worked hard and survived much; although not always getting the care and respect it deserves. It has
    survived breast cancer and broken bones; sat behind a desk for unlimited hours at a time and also cocktail-waitressed for untold
    evening hours. It has indulged my interests in yoga; karate; and horseback riding and rescued kittens, cats and dogs even though it got hurt sometimes. I not only love my body but I have great respect for it, and would like to learn to treat it with the care and attention it deserves. :-))

  92. I love my body because it’s home.

  93. I love my body because it needs my love. When it is loved and cared for, it blossoms.

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  95. I love my body because she has always been there for me through thick and thin. She knows everything about me and has been kind to me even when I haven’t been kind to her.

  96. Honestly… I am not really at “love my body”…but after giving all I can to battling health issues by changing my lifestyle after major trauma two years ago I can say I am so thankful for it… that for all I and others have put it through it has so much ability to heal.

  97. I love my body because well… It’s MY body I am the only one who gets experience my potential.

  98. I love my body because it is unique! Not everyone can be a “fun size” (i.e. short) redhead with green eyes and Jessica Rabbit features! 🙂

  99. I love my body because it’s like my mother’s. And so even when she is gone, it will be the living testament of everything she gave me and everything she was.

  100. I love my body because whenever it hears music it starts dancing on its own without me even knowing it. Drives my family CRAZY!

  101. I love my body because it let me mistreat it in my teens, recover in my 20’s, grow a beautiful baby and breast feed in my 30’s…and is ready for what’s next!

  102. I love my body because it is extremely strong – it has milked cows, driven tractors, walked dogs, taken care of children, mowed lawns, mopped floors, painted houses….you name it. It has also endured a lot of abuse by its owner – cutting as a teenager, experimentation with various substances, and a trip to the land of obesity. It gave birth to a wondeful human being, enduring a c-section and numerous infections in the process. It shed over a hundred pounds through torturously hard work and effort. And although it was told through its entire childhood, “You have a pretty face, but people don’t look at just your face”, it’s goddamned beautiful just fucking because. Forget the pretty face -the stretch marks, jelly rolls, freckles and calves like a lumberjack are beautiful too.

  103. I love my body
    because it is
    a canvas for creating self,
    a unique expression of my personality,
    a living record of my history,
    a physical facilitator for each thought and act,
    a vehicle for interfacing with the world
    to cultivate connection and relationship,
    an intricate and elegant
    dance of genes and elements,
    the earthly vessel of my soul,
    a sacred temple,
    a song of wonder,
    and a gift and instrument of love.

  104. I love my body because it is my home, and it’s the only home I can say with certainty that I will inhabit for the rest of my life. It is beautiful, complex, troubled, scarred, skilled, resilient, and so much more. As well as I sometimes think I know my body, I am always learning more. It is always revealing more to me.

    I have these recurring dreams, which can range from the horrific nightmare to the breathtakingly beautiful category. In these dreams I truly believe that I have woken up (even though I have not). In the dream I leave my bedroom to discover something has changed in my current living space (I’ve had these dreams in every place I have lived). The change could be scary, but the most fun dreams happen when I realize there is a room or a window or a doorway in my home that I had not noticed before. The discovery opens up exciting possibilities.

    I believe these dreams are symbolic of whatever is going on in my life and body at the time. They are a periodic reminder to me that there are always new “rooms” and “doorways” to be discovered inside myself. There are always more possibilities in this fragile yet strong, flourishing yet aging, inhaling and exhaling universe that is my body.

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  106. I LOVE my body now because I FINALLY realize the power it has and the power I have to control it and FINALLY yes FINALLY LOVE IT!! After years of self hate I am now loving my body and my whole self!

  107. I love my body because it gives me direction. If I listen carefully, it tells me what it likes and dislikes, which is helpful in this journey to heal. It has bounced back after two surgeries, and it is responsible for all that I’ve experienced in life. Without it, I would be lost.

  108. I love my body because that is the only option. I love my body because it brought two amazing spirits into the world who fill me with joy. I love my body because it’s my shell and allows me to be present.

  109. I posted this on the Facebook post as well, …My body has changed over the years, but I love my body because now I have a little junk in my trunk 😉

  110. I love my body because I love me and my body is a part of me. It does not define who I am but it does enable me to do more things that do help define who I am.

  111. I love my body because it is the housing for my spirit, my passion, my strength, my laughter and my tears. It’s been through a lot after being diagnosed with fibromyalgia and thinking I would be in pain for the rest of my life I’ve learned, grown and healed and can now deadlift 165 pounds, jump rope, walk a 10k and have very little pain. As someone who grew up with a single mom with severe eating disorders I have a healthy relationship with food and my body tells me when something is not right and I respect it enough to listen and feed it well/enough/delicious food.

  112. I’m not sure that I can say that I love my body. I’m at the point where I’m learning to love my body, because it is so patient and forgiving of me. I feel very inspired by all of the comments that have been written. I have experienced alot of smiles, tears, and have started to think more deeply about my relationship with my body and our shared experience. I feel very grateful for this.

  113. I love my body because it lets me do amazing things every day with very little complaint. It carries my beautiful children so easily and with little trouble. I love that it can be strong when I need it to be.

  114. I love my body because it is mine. Whether I am dead lifting heavy weight, skipping double unders or carrying all of my grocery bags with my two hands I am strong. It is also soft and feminine and full of sensual energy that I am able to experience with my loving partner. My body strikes a beautiful balance of strength and beauty and I am so proud of being able to love it/myself unconditionally.

  115. Well, I kind of believe that what I am is really a soul and that my body isn’t truly just mine but is a vessel I share with bacteria and other organisms and we’re in this together.

    I love by body because of the amazing capacity it has to perform even under less than ideal circumstances, and its ability to adapt. Like pulling calcium from the bones to create barricades around cancerous cells to protect itself, to the incredibly complex way nutrients are utilized in our bodies and the synergistic way some of them also need each other to work properly.

  116. I love my body because it has loved me despite my not loving it; it has done it’s best to serve me despite my misuse and abuse; and mostly because the intuition it provides me when I trust it enough to listen…

  117. I love my body because it is unique. I used to get frustrated and feel desparate because of my hairy arms, my small chest and large hips that made it difficult to find clothes that fit properly, and my long toes. But now I see and understand that no one else’s body is like mine and I can love my body for the very things I used to hate it for. This is still pretty new to me but has been an important part of me living with confidence and seeing more beauty in others. I was already beginning to learn true self confidence in terms of my physical appearance (although at a slow pace) when my boyfriend at the time mentioned to me (without knowing that my hairy arms had been an insecurity of mine) that my hairy arms were one of his favorite parts about me physically. While I still had (and always will have) some growing to do in claiming my own beauty with confidence, my view of my own beauty began to change largely thanks to him. To see that something that had caused me insecurity for so long was another person’s favorite part of me made me begin to ask myself why it couldn’t be my favorite part of me too?

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  119. I used to love my body, despite always being a big woman (in medical terminology morbidly obese), I enjoyed my body immensely, felt sexy and stayed active, dancing and living my life to the fullest, until I fell ill with myalgic encephalomyelitis in 2008. I loved it most because despite being a large woman, I always had a distinctly pear shape and lots of energy. Ever since I have fought desperately to regain my health. It has been a roller coaster ride, with more trips down-hill than up, but I’m fighting the good fight and I’m trying my best to find my way back to the sassy, sexy, body-loving attitude I once possessed. I found a paleo diet has helped quite a lot and I feel like your book might hold part of that key for me and I would love to have a copy of it. Either way, I will have it, but a signed copy would be great! Thanks for writing such a wonderfully inspirational and personal work. I look forward to devouring it!

  120. I love my body because every detail of it, scars, birthmarks, laugh lines…makes me, me!

  121. I love my body because as I grew an awesome little person inside of me and I continued to grow (in awesomeness), my body knew (often better than I did) how to keep me together. Now, I’m taking better care of my body, my child’s body and as a side effect, growing smaller with greater awesomeness.

  122. …because it’s the only one I have.

  123. I love my body because I spent decades — decades — hating it, abusing it, stuffing it, starving it, neglecting it . . . and it’s still here, time-worn and battle-scarred, carrying me through each and every day with dignity and grace. My body grew and nurtured a beautiful baby and wraps its arms around the strong and confident teenager she has become. Loving my body is a new act for me, still awkward and a bit unpracticed, but I am so excited to see where we go from here.

  124. I love my body because even when I don’t love it I can count on it to be keeping me going, because in learning to love it I have also learned to love other peoples bodies more, because being unique and different is exciting, because it is always changing and telling stories of where I’ve been before, because I seriously wouldn’t be going anywhere without it. Loving my body lets me love life and it is a new and great feeling to be experiencing!

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