As of writing this post, there are exactly twenty days left until Sexy by Nature is released!

I also got about $2000 worth of books shipped to my house last week – and then took them all back to the post office for delivery to media outlets and bloggers all over the country today. That was one of the more fun trips to the Post Office I (and the employees) have ever had.

Having had my hands on it, I am so in love and feel so greedy.

Greedy, as in, I want to buy all of them myself and then give them all away to you for having been the best audience and community in the history of the planet.

Which I am going to try to do. I am giving away five free signed copies – details for entry are at the end of the post!

In between here and there is a quick preview in text and vlog form and a Sexy by Nature Q & A!

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When I first opened the package I received in the mail containing book #1, I had no idea what was inside it. I hadn’t known it was coming. I was shocked. Speechless. Incredulous. Ohmigod I made this thing.

Immediately following the paralysis were all the usual emotional suspects: excitement laced with fear, visions of it on shelves, and intense foreboding as I knew that the second I opened it I would see nothing but flaws.

Book image, I thought, is a whole hell of a lot like body image.

Nonetheless I pushed forward and… nothing bad happened.

In fact, lots of good things happened.

Sure, I see a thing here or there I’d like to tweak, but overall, I am psyched with what we’ve put together. So psyched. This book is… well, it’s good. Damn good. I couldn’t put it down once I picked it up. I read it twice. Call me a first class ass, but it’s true. I think my book does some very powerful things.

Here is my first day with the book and a preview in vlog form!




Sexy by Nature Q & A

What is Sexy by Nature?

Sexy by Nature is, much like this website, three things:

1) a guide to physical health for women of all ages, shapes, and levels of health (think: weight maintenance, hormone balance, clear skin, fertility),

2) a guide to mental invincibility, self-love, and empowered confidence, and

3) a revolution, in that it calls women to own, love, and be allied with their natural bodies in a radically new and powerful way.

What is the purpose of Sexy by Nature?

The purpose of Sexy by Nature is to empower you. It’s to throw off the chains of the old ways of doing things and to free you to love and nourish your body. It is to heal you, transform your health, help you love your body, and become more excited every day to be the woman inside it.

How is Sexy by Nature organized? What do you talk about?

Approximately 2/3 of Sexy by Nature is all about physiological healing.

The other 1/3 is the mental, social-norm bucking, self-loving stuff.

Sexy by Nature is divided into five distinct parts:

Part I: Trailblaze (in which 7 “old rules” are discarded in favor of 7 kick ass “new” or “nature” rules)

Part II: Nourish (in which I explain my food philosophy, why its different from other health advocates, and what to eat and why)

Part III: Live (in which ten lifestyle hacks for better health and happiness are provided)

Part IV: Overcome (in which female specific health issues are discussed: hypothyroidism, female weight loss, PCOS, infertility, hormone balance, libido, acne, PMS, cramps, birth control, and more)

And Part V: Strut (in which I detail my philosophy of self-love, how to achieve self-love, the secret to being sexy, what sexy is, fearlessness, empowered confidence, and more)

Click here to read the table of contents!

What is the secret to being sexy?

I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but let it stand for now that sexy is about excitement. It’s about partnership with your body. It’s about health. It’s about worth. And being sexy…. you own it, and manifest it, you become it, all by being…


Who you choose to be.

Is Sexy by Nature really only for women/females?

No, actually.

I wrote this book with women in mind, certainly. I am a champion of the need to take female-specific health issues seriously. But:

A) if there is a woman in your life, or you ever interact with women, this could be a great read to understand how to help empower and love and heal them, and

B) if you ignore Part IV: Overcome, the one on female-specific health issues, you can learn about healing, about food, about lifestyle, about social norms, and about the way society has kept everybody from loving and being whole, not just those who define themselves as traditionally female and womanly.

Can I trust the author of Sexy by Nature?


Can I read more about the book elsewhere?

Yes. You can read most of the introduction to the book at this blog post, and you can also read the entire introduction and part of Chapter 1 on the Amazon page here.

Is there a community of support for people interested in the book and implementing the changes for Sexy by Nature?

You bet! Sexy by Nature and all of its things – from health tips to inspiration quotes to success stories – can be found at the Sexy by Nature facebook page here.

Where can I get my hands on one if I don’t win the giveaway?

At Amazon HERE.



All right ladies, here goes! Good luck and have fun!

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And if you already pre-ordered a copy, it’s easy peasy for my publisher to go in and cancel the order. So enter away! Nothing to stop you here.

Plus I really, really want to hear why you love your body!!!


Personally, I am Stefani Ruper, and I love my body because it gives me feet for dancing, hair that can be whipped about in the wind, and all the serotonin and dopamine I need in order to experience love and life.


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