Have you ever wondered what goes on inside the secret world of fitness models?

You see them everywhere- on DVD covers and yoga mat labels.

They scroll through your pinterest page with messages and questions like “No pain, no gain” and “Do you want a donut or do you want rock hard abs?”

There they are, holding dumbbells or the plank pose mid-pushup and they are always, inexplicably smiling, looking healthy and fun.

They hold fancy water bottles and stare at the sunrise in their leggings and sports bra, just taking a short break after their 5 a.m. run.

They have toned arms and abs and look like they’ve never fallen face first into a bag of chocolate chips.

Don’t you want to know what’s going on in their minds and in that world?

Well, you’re in luck!

My dear friend, Maddy Moon, a strong and fabulous voice in the intuitive eating community was once one of these women.

She left behind that world but now she’s taking a look back.  

She’s written a fascinating and scintillating book about her experiences- about the damaging and difficult standards that are upheld in that community.

And she wants to offer that book to you, the fabulous Paleo for Women community, absolutely free!

That’s right, friends, it’s totally free!

confessions of a fitness model stefani ruper paleo for women

Maddy’s book Confessions of a Fitness Model shares her story—her mistakes and her anguish—and shows us how she broke free of damaging thoughts about her body.

She left behind the tyranny of calorie counting and body comparison and found new joy in body acceptance and a love of food.

Confessions of a Fitness Model provides a roadmap so you can follow her down the path to true health and happiness, no matter what the scale says.

As a woman who has also struggled with the desire to be physically different than my body would like to be, I can’t recommend this book or Maddy’s work more highly.

I follow her myself, and find her to be an ever inspiring fount of advice, acceptance, and understanding.

If you struggle with body acceptance, negative body image, or anything related, please take advantage of this free resource.

Maddy’s take on the fitness model industry is truly fascinating- I found myself totally caught up in the book.  It’s SO interesting to see what happens behind the scenes, but also to see how damaging it can be.

Reading Confessions of a Fitness Model will give you a totally new perspective on not only the fitness modeling community, but on yourself.

Ready to read?

Here’s the link to Maddy’s book Confessions of a Fitness Model

Confessions of a Fitness Model officially releases February 28th so make sure to sign up here for your copy today 🙂

After you read it, jump back here and leave us a comment.  Let us know how you liked it, what you learned, and feel free to share your story.  I’m always interested to hear how my AMAZING readers overcome their own body acceptance struggles- so share your love and guidance with me and the whole PfW community!

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