Have you heard of Steve’s Paleogoods?

I’d heard of them before but since I’ve already got so many great paleo snacks (like I told you about in this post and this post) I hadn’t ever tried their food.

Wow, was I missing out!

The folks at Steve’s Paleogoods sent a package of fantastic goodies to my place when they heard about my This Week in Paleo project.  They wanted to get the word out there about their incredible company.  And I’m seriously glad they did.

Steve’s works with underprivileged youth to provide healthy paleo snacks!  That was how they started and now a portion of every sale of Steve’s Paleogoods goes towards continuing that noble mission.  

The kids get great snacks and so do we!  Yay!

If you need more snacks in your life, I was a huge fan of their jerky.  It’s delicious and it isn’t covered in soy sauce, which I love!

Their grainless granola (here) is a great snack, though I went a little easy on it because of all the nuts.

I’m sure if you tried it, you would LOVE it.  I liked that it wasn’t too sweet.

I tried the cinnamon, but they also have an apple pie flavor, maple bacon flavor, and a nut-free carrot cake that is calling my name! 

Their paleo kits (snacks with jerky, nuts, and dried fruit in one!) brought major happiness to my life.  No need to worry about macronutrient ratios while out and about!


But the very very very best, most WONDERFUL, most AMAZING thing they sent me- the thing you ABSOLUTELY MUST TRY- was their dried strawberries.  


Drop whatever you’re doing and BUY THESE.

They are whole dried strawberries and they’re sweet and delicious and all the things.

Do practice moderation with them and do not eat the entire bag in one sitting like I may or may not have done ;)!

But truthfully, if you order them, I know you will thank me later.  You can find them on Steve’s website here

Steve’s doesn’t just do snacks.  They also have some great sauces and condiments.  They sent me some of their ketchup which was tasty and all the better because it didn’t have 57 ingredients.

Find everything I talked about and more delectable joys at their website here.


I love learning about these paleo companies, the good work they do, and of course, tasting their yummy food.  I hope you guys are enjoying them too!

Have you tried Steve’s Paleogoods?  What about those fabulous dried strawberries?  What are your favorite paleo snack companies?

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