God, I miss pasta.

But did you know that you can have paleo pasta without buying a single spaghetti squash?

I didn’t either.

Or at least, I knew logically that spiralizers existed and I could make noodles or zoodles or whatever they’re called.

But I never investigated any deeper into it.

Well, all that has changed.

I’ve discovered the joy of zuchini noodles. 

And sweet potato noodles, squash noodles, and ALL THE NOODLES.

How have I lived this long as a paleo woman without using a spiral slicer???

Spiral slicers are absolutely magical items that make pasta easy and achievable, without the gluten and carb bombs of traditional choices. 

They are appliances that work without electricity, just a little crank of the wrist and a zucchini and somehow, magically, amazingly, you get NOODLES!

If you’ve never had zucchini noodles, I promise you, you are missing out.  

Spaghetti, Alfredo, all the comforting pasta dishes of your past and any that you can come up with are all yours for the making!

When I was looking for a spiralizer, I searched on Amazon, because, Amazon.  And I decided on this one.

I’ve been really happy with it.  I spent a little more on it than some of the others (like $10) but it works very well and folds up really compactly, which is great for my tiny living space!

It also cuts noodles into different sizes- there’s curly noodles, angel hair noodles, regular pasta noodles and more! 

And it’s BPA free!

You can find my spiralizer here. 

If you are looking to buy a spiralizer but want to try out the concept before diving into a nicer model, this one gets great reviews and is about half the cost.  Find it here.

And for recipes, I’ve been using Jenny Castaneda’s One Pot Paleo, which is all recipes you can make in one dish and features some awesome zoodle recipes.

There’s a great chicken cacciatore with zoodles that I am loving right now!  It’s even better left over the next day!

Plus there are several cool asian dishes that call for kelp noodles, but I am subbing out zoodles and find the recipes to still be amazing!

This book has so much fabulousness going on.  It’s divided into sections based on what you are cooking in, not what meal you are cooking.  

So there’s a section on dishes made in the cast iron skillet, a whole section on casseroles (which OMG YUM, there are some good ones!), a salad section, soup section, stuff that’s baked, broiled and grilled. 

It’s really an awesome cookbook, especially for anyone who is busy and just ain’t got time for all that.

You use one dish, throw it in the dishwasher and you’re done. 

I’m not about that washing multiple dishes life.

Find One Pot Paleo on Amazon here. 

So if you want to discover some new ways to make paleo pasta, liven up a boring eating routine, or just get down with some zoodles, I recommend One Pot Paleo and a nice spiralizer.

How do you do pasta on paleo?  Do you love your zoodles?  Have you read this book?  Give me your thoughts, your hopes, your dreams, anything you’d like to share, in the comments below!

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