Heyyyooo ladies.


Today’s blog post is very special. Its got three secret podcasts. 

Which is another way to say:

it’s got three podcasts I recorded at some point in the last few months and forgot to tell you about.



I swear: blogging is harder than it looks.

Okay, anyway: included in this suite are some unique conversations (what is epistemology? why does Stefani obsess over dancing?), some great insights on the relationship between sexuality and sexiness (my answer: well, it’s complicated, go listen), and the first time I talk on air about my next book wooooo.

Here they are, in no particular order:

The Primal Shift

Much like my experiences out in other activities (wink), my first group podcast was an absolute blast.

This isn’t to say it’s the first multi-person chat I’ve done-there have been plenty of those-but this was the first time I’ve been the singular interviewee to three interviewers. That’s 300 percent the normal number of interviewers.

Which, again, I can say from some of my favorite life experiences, is not a degree of attention to let go overlooked.


Crystal, Charby, and Jo, Left to Right.

Crystal, Charby, and Jo, Left to Right.

The Primal Shift is awesome. It’s a group of three Aussie paleo advocates with a passionate, curious, laid-back, delightful approach to wellness. We did a video cast and I seem to remember dancing at one point.

In which I talked about tips for horrible dancers. How to have a good time, still be attractive, and love dancing out in public, no matter your skill.

And then more dancing.

Other things we discuss:

-Why do women cut each other down?

-When did culture start revering thinness?

-How paleo advocates are people, too.

-The difference between sexy and confidence (I actually don’t remember what I said about this… I’m going to have to go back and listen and see if I still agree.)

-Whether Cross-fit is good for women.

-And boatloads more. Lots of Aussie pop references flying over my head.

Check out the podcast here.

Born Primal with Kendall Kendrick

I love Kendall. She’s all about positive sexuality. She dares to think outside of boxes in terms of how people should relate to each other and live happily. She believes in the power of meditation for short- and long-term health.




We did this interview way back in April, before even Paleo fx.

What did we talk about?

Well, one thing we did was particularly awesome, which was: make a list of all the reasons Stefani is a Big. Deal. Like Intermittent fasting. Disordered Eating. Men and Women’s health differences. You know.

hahahaha. Big Deal. 

We all get to be comedians from time to time.

We also discuss: what is the natural female body like? What do female bodies look like in extant hunter-gatherer and traditional cultures?

Why are Americans obsessed with thinness?

And my own struggles to embrace weight gain and be the jiggly, healthy woman I was born to be.

Check out me and Kendall @ here.

Joyful Mommas

Last month I had the most delightful joy (no pun intended) to talk with Bridgit Danner of the Joyful Mommas blog. They really love nutrition and fertility so we did a lot of talking about PCOS, fertility blockers, fertility enhancers, and how to best nourish a female body.


We also discuss my favorite hacks for losing abdominal fat, overcoming acne, and decreasing stress. I talk about how important it is to have a sense of purpose and to love what you are doing with your life – otherwise, what will your healthy body be able to join with in your quest for a kickass life?

Check us out @ here.

 Hooray! Happy Wednesday.

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