So bone broth is the “it” food in the paleo world now, and its not hard to understand why.

Bone broth is a great way to get gelatin, collagen, glycine, proline, and various minerals.

That means its AMAZING for your skin, FABULOUS for your health and HEAVENLY for your immune system. 

Plus it tastes good.

It’s versatile and can be used as the base of soups, to cook crock pot meals, in rice, and much much more!

Many people (myself included) love to drink it straight.

I put mine in a happy little BPA-free thermos like this one and carry it around with me 🙂 

Recently, two separate companies who sell bone broth contacted me about getting their products to you, the PFW readers, and I couldn’t be happier to get you introduced.

For Homemade Bone Broth Junkies

Those of you who like to make bone broth from scratch will love this.  

A bone broth that comes first in a bag with grass-fed bones, chopped veggies, and all the spices to make a delicious broth.

But instead of having to order the bones, buy the veggies, chop the spices, and assemble the whole darn thing, it’s as easy as unzip and pour.  

BIY Bone Broth (Brew it Yourself) is a company passionate about bringing quality bone broth to you in a convenient way.

They believe fresh is best and are just the ticket for those of you with the patience to wait overnight for fresh, delicious broth.  

I have to admit, though I am a sucker for everything quick, fresh bone broth is worth the wait.

Cook it in the crock pot overnight and wake up to the smell of warm, friendly broth.  Perfect with breakfast!

BIY has different types of broth- beef, chicken, and pork!  And all of them are paleo, Whole 30, and SCD compliant.

Check out there website here for more about their yummy broths and how to order. 


Easy-Peasy Bone Broth

Don’t want to cook your own broth?  Or need broth for a recipe NOW?

There are times when you need a broth that is already made and ready to go.  

I use pre-made broth a LOT in recipes.

But finding grass-fed, paleo friendly broth at the grocery store is a total nightmare.

That’s where our next brand comes in.

Kettle and Fire makes a fabulous option for bone broth lovers who want it quick and need it now.  

They offer grass-fed broth simmered with all the right veggies and spices that comes in a convenient paper carton, just like the broth you buy at the grocery store.

Only this stuff is 100x better.

It’s delicious in recipes or on its own.  This is a 100% grass fed bone broth made from beef bones and the best part is you can order it right on Amazon!

Find it here or save a little and buy a 2 pack (here) or save a lot with a 3 pack (here). 

So there you have it!  Two options for delicious bone broths.  I suggest you get both, try them, and find your favorite! I like to keep both of them in the house.  I use BIY Bone Broth broth to drink straight because I love chicken broth.  I use Kettle and Fire during cooking.  Those are just my personal preferences, so feel free to experiment and find your own.

Do you love bone broth?  What’s your favorite part about it and how do you like to drink it?   Leave us a comment below!

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