Noelle and I have talked about pre and post workout nutrition on our podcast before because it’s a crucial topic that women sometimes do not take seriously.  

Conflicting information about what is healthy is everywhere.

When I think about exercise, I think of it from not only a perspective of strength and conditioning, but also from a hormonal balance perspective.

That’s why I always want women to eat, before and after workouts, but especially after.

If we don’t get a good dose of carbs, fat, and protein post-workout, cortisol and testosterone raise and our bodies perceive a stress that can send hormonal balance out of whack.

If you do this every once in a while it’s probably no big deal, but if you’re an avid exerciser, this is something to be aware of.

Many women think that fasting before and after working out will help them lose weight faster.  The opposite is actually true, since the stress response created by this behavior causes the body to hold on to unnecessary fat instead.

There are plenty of people out there better qualified to go into the ins and outs of exercise and eating- Noelle being one of them- but I do always suggest, within 30 minutes of a workout, eat a little snack.

It doesn’t need to be anything complicated, just something balanced with some carbs in it to help prevent the stress response.

One of the reason’s that many women don’t eat is because of time and energy.  

You wake up, you work out, you’ve got a thousand things on your mind and you just don’t feel hungry or you don’t have the energy afterwards to make anything.

Since we don’t do a lot of processed snacky foods in the paleo lifestyle, it can be tough to get something relatively quick and easy for a post-workout snack.

You could do an apple or banana with nut butter, a paleo cookie with deli meat and avocado, or any number of easy quick things.  Or, you could try an easy-mix shake.

A new company called Rootz Nutrition is actually doing some pretty cool stuff with workout drinks.

They are a paleo company that creates super-food shakes for paleo folks who work out, especially those who do high intensity stuff.  They use some very interesting blends to support metabolism, energy, antioxidant status, and recovery.

They sent me samples of their pre and post workout shakes to try and review and I liked them enough to let you all know about them.

Now, to clarify, I’m not as crazy about their pre-workout drink as their post-workout drink, personally.  It’s got a bit of caffeine in it which I don’t drink (though it is from green tea).

But the taste is good, I trust their sources, and if you are needing a pre-workout drink, I’d suggest giving it a try.

The pre-workout drink made our promotion’s manager feel more energetic but not weird and jittery pre-workout and she is someone who drinks a moderate amount of caffeine.

Their post-workout drink I really like.  I got chocolate banana nut flavor which was just as awesome as it sounds.  

If you’re still not used to food without tons of added sugar, this is going to taste a little lacking to you.  

BUT for a paleo drink, it is very tasty and I like that there is not much added in the form of sweetener.

I mean, it’s still a workout shake and not, sadly, a real milkshake, but the taste was pretty good.  

It’s packed with anti-oxidants and there’s even spinach and brocolli in it and they use stevia for sweetener.  It’s dairy-free which is a huge plus as it is incredibly hard to find whey-free shakes.

The only thing I don’t like is that it does contain nuts, which most of you know I don’t tolerate except in small, rare doses.  But if you do well with nuts its a really great option!

Rootz is offering a 10% off your first order to you lovely readers, just use the code PALEOFORWOMEN at checkout.

Find out more about Rootz, their products and story here.

Regardless of how you do it, always make sure to listen to your body and work out in a way that feels good to you.  Always refuel afterwards and seek to create fitness and wellness and not some idealized, unattainable body.

How do you like to fuel your workouts?

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