Today’s Toadally Primal reading indulgence started with Unbound Birth, a personal, touching, and informative account of natural childbirth.

The author of Unbound Birth, Jennifer Yarbrough, has made it her passion since naturally birthing three children in hospitals to guide and empower other women to do the same.    Jennifer decries the risks of undergoing epidural birth and the complacency that modern health practitioners have over those risks, but more importantly than that, she effortlessly shares naturalistic practices designed to make natural birth less of an ordeal and more of a spiritual experience.

This does not mean, of course, that she rules out hospital assistance or even the need for medical procedures and intervention.  Not at all.  But for those of us capable of natural birth, she gives us a lovely set of footprints in which to follow.

Jennifer’s account is part instructional and part personal.  She describes the processes of each of her three births intimately, giving independent chapters to the unique beauty of each of her experiences.   Intermixed with that are chapters with specific ideas and techniques for planning your own natural birth.

Unbound Birth covers

-how to have natural childbirth in a hospital (!),


-support groups,


-baby positioning,

-how to position yourself for optimal baby positioning,

-tips for mitigating the pain of labor,


-how to fill out a birth plan.

If you don’t know what some of those phrases mean or connote, I could not recommend this charming and thorough book enough.

Some of the chapter titles are:

-My First

-Natural Birth is For Everyone

-Natural Birth Is Not Scary

-My Second

-Natural Birth Is Empowering

-What is a Doula and Why Would I Want One?

Why the Baby’s Position is So Important

-The Importance of a Healthy Diet

-Don’t Forget to Exercise!

And more.


Being a woman who is not even close to considering selecting a partner at this point in time, let alone having children, I still thoroughly enjoyed reading this book.  I believe in empowered womanhood; I bask in the powers of natural living; I learned several things about a woman’s reproductive body and process I hadn’t known.  This was a delightful read for connecting myself with my evolutionary heritage and fertile character, and for that I have big thanks for Jennifer’s insight and openness.


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