Butter is a wonderful, magical substance.

It makes plain dishes succulent, goes well with all things savory and sweet, and provides that all-important saturated fat we paleo people know and love.

And butter from dairy isn’t the only kind of great butter.

Several of the nuts that we consume on a constant basis can also be made into delicious, nutritious, butters.  

We all know the old standby almond butter (this is my personal favorite) and peanut butter (I like this one), but how about some more different, exotic butters?

These go great on crackers, breads, veggies or even fruit.  Get creative!

Macadamia Butter

If you love the rich, creamy taste of macadamia nuts, you’ll love macadamia butter even more.

 It’s rich in the same magnesium, calcium, and potassium.  It’s smooth and delicious and filled with that perfectly unique macadamia taste.  

If I’m really in the mood for dessert but don’t want to make anything, I’ll put a dollop or two of this on top of some strawberries or raspberries and add a few chocolate chips.  It’s delicious.

I’m partial to Futter’s Macadamia Butter.  I like the raw version which you can find here.

Cashew Butter

Cashew’s are used in tons of paleo recipes and make a great replacement for anything that requires cream cheese.  The subtle taste and texture make it a perfect substitute.  

Cashew butter makes that process easier.  No need to grind your own!

I love to put cashew butter on fruit, or even mix in some preserves.  It is very reminiscent of cheesecake which I used to LOVE.

I love Artisana brand for this.  They make excellent products of all kinds and their cashew butter (find it here) is no exception.

Brazil nut Butter

Need some selenium?  Those with thyroid problems are aware of just how important this is and Brazil nuts are some of nature’s best sources of this hard-to-find nutrient.  

And why not eat them in the form of a sumptuous butter?

Brazil nut butter is something a little different that you may never have tried.  It has a very mild taste with just a hint of that signature Brazil nut flavor.

Futter’s makes a great, raw, organic version of this nut butter.  Find it here.

More Delicious Nut Butters

These aren’t the only great butters that are a bit more exotic.

What’s better for snacks where you want a pie-like flavor than the delicious pecan, rich in oleic acid and vitamin B3?  Here’s the one I recommend

Big fan of walnuts?  There’s a butter for that.

Pistachios or Hazelnuts?  Those exist too.  (Find pistachio butter here and hazelnut butter here)

The possibilities are truly endless!


Which nut butters are your favorite and what do you like to make with them?  I love to hear your snack/recipe ideas and your favorite things so please comment below and join the conversation! 🙂

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