Did you see my post the other day on why you’re an introvert?  If not, find it here.

I’ve been told that post was pretty enlightening to some of you who have lived life in the shadow of extroverts, always being told be society you were “lesser than”.

Well, being an introvert it awesome.  

I have extrovert friends WHOM I LOVE (and you guys are awesome too!), but I consider myself an introvert and I have learned to be PROUD of that.

And for me, the BEST part of my week is a little alone time.

Homework done, a good book, comfy pj’s and peace and quiet.

With your newfound appreciation for your introversion, I thought you might like to do the same.

And to celebrate, I’ve put together a list of my favorite stuff for introverts.  

From books, to clothes, to wine glasses, I’ve got everything you need for an introvert party- of one, of course!

Stuff for Introverts

            Yes. Just Yes.

As I gathered information for this post, I was struck by the amount of stuff out there made just to celebrate being an introvert.Some of the t-shirts I found had me laughing out loud.

           Also, dancing.

Very introverted people might find these a little too loud for their taste, but I think they are fun!

And hey, it’s good to poke fun at yourself a bit sometimes!

These two were my favorites.  They accurately reflect my life values.  But there are a TON available.  Just check out this amazon search. 

Speaking of Amazon, I love it.  It’s the perfect introvert website.  Everything you could ever want delivered right to your door!  That’s why everything on this post can be found there.  Hooray!

So once you’re comfy in your new tee, you can snuggle up on your comfy couch.

My favorite things to do are read or journal (or blog!).

        Process life in these.

Journaling is one of the ways many introverts process, and introverts make great writers because they are so observant.

If you haven’t before, try writing, or even sketching if that works for you, everyday to help you tap into your inner genius!  I thought these journals were cheeky and cute!

You can also check out my article on coloring for adults, another perfect way to spend a Friday night.

Books for Introverts

There are some truly great books dedicated to celebrating introversion.  Quiet (find it here) is my favorite.

It’s a best seller for a reason, folks.

But one of an introverts favorite things to do sometimes, is escape into a fun novel.  

Some of my favorite works of fiction that introverts can really relate to are these:

The Empathy Exams (Find it here) 

Okay, so it’s not a work of fiction, but these stories all about the misunderstood among us will fascinate you and draw you in.  It’s an excellent read for anyone whose ever felt a little like a wallflower.

The Perks of Being A Wallflower (Find it here)

Speaking of wallflowers, this classic is one of the best books ever written about being an introvert, being in high school, or just plain growing up.  You’ll find yourself crying, laughing, reminiscing and hopefully, relating with it in a very real way.

Where’d You Go Bernadette? (Find it here)

The story of a mother who disappears due to severe agoraphobia and her daughter’s quest to find her.  You’ll laugh at the ridiculousness of it all, and then you’ll probably cry, and then you might laugh some more.  A great read!

The Goldfinch (Find it here)

A coming of age story about a quiet young boy, the death of his mother, and a painting.  The mish mashed friendship of the main character (a total introvert) and his best friend (a total extrovert) might remind you of some of your own friendships.  It’s a long book but a worthwhile one, for sure.

Jane Eyre (Find it here)

The ultimate coming of age story of a young girl brought up surrounded by terrible people, terrible heartache, and who basically has crap thrown at her from the moment of birth, and her struggle to make a beautiful life for herself.  Spoiler alert: she does.  Jane Eyre is mandatory reading for all women and Jane, a true introvert, will probably remind you a lot of yourself.

Now that you have your book, your journal, your funny shirt, and your introvert pride, maybe you’d like to add a glass of something to top it all off.

Alcohol is controversial in the paleo world and I personally do not drink much alcohol.

But for those of you who tolerate a glass well, wine (in moderation) can be a lovely way to help you unwind.

Either way, as you curl up with a good book, put your favorite beverage in one of these cool freezer wine glasses.

That way your drink gets cold AND you can avoid tap water ice!  Win Win!

Or if you fancy something hot, how about a little tea (see my article on paleo tea!) in a mug with a map of your introvert heart.  Find it here. 

I hope you enjoy your night in!  What do you like to do on a night in?  What do you love about being and introvert OR extrovert?

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